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July 6, 2010

Unemployment bill blocked, an opinion from someone that is actually effected

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Like millions of others I am directly effected by the latest vote on unemployment insurance.  If they don’t pass the extension I go on the State’s UI and that won’t last until the end of the year.  Unemployment in my county is over 10%, as is unemployment in the entire state.  I do not see a job in my near future, and have not even received an interview for any job I have applied for.  Things are grim, I am stressed and worried, and passing the latest bill would really help with that.

What I won’t abide though is being used as a prop.  All of the websites out there, and news articles, and news programs on TV are all crowing the same thing, “Republicans blocked the latest unemployment insurance extension”, or “The GOP wants to starve children.”  None of them seem to mention that the Republicans told Reid weeks ago that if a standalone UI bill was offered it would pass, but he refused to bring any before a vote because he didn’t write it.  Then with this latest vote, all the Republicans wanted was for congress to follow their recently passed ‘pay as you go’ rule.  The Republicans didn’t block UI extension, they wanted it paid for.  They offered an amendment to pay for the bill, and Reid blocked that vote.  The Republicans, supposedly the party of no, offered a reasonable compromise, and the Democrats said no.

As much as I need these benefits, I have to also think about the country my child will be an adult in, and my grandchildren, and so on.  This bill needs to be paid for, it’s only $12B that the Republicans want covered by the stimulus.  Maybe they can take back the $13B they gave Florida for a turtle tunnel under a highway, and use that to pay for it.  It’s hard to say it, but I can’t sit here and pretend I don’t want this bill passed.  I want it paid for, and I am tired of people, especially the media, lying about the circumstances of the votes.  Call your congressmen, if they are the Democrats that voted no, and tell them to compromise.  They keep saying they want to work with Republicans, but every time the Republicans offer a compromise it gets shot down.  Time for them to put up or shut up.


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