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July 14, 2010

NAACP denounces TEA party as having racist elements

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by Trever Bierschbach

Let me start by saying, I repudiate any racists of any color in any organization in this great country.  If they come to TEA party rallies, they need to stop.  If they come to polling places with weapons, they need to stop.  If they give speeches while campaigning for office, they need to stop.  Racism is a horrible and disgusting practice.

Now that I have done that, and many other TEA party members, and groups have done that over and over again, with the NAACP retract their statement and apologize?  Doubt it.  See, this wasn’t about pointing out that some elements of the TEA party are racist, it is a clever ploy to label the entire movement in the court of public opinion.  They continue to defend their statement by saying they didn’t say the entire TEA party is racist just elements of it, but they know perfectly well that people’s minds don’t work that way.  They have successfully called the entire movement racist without actually having to say it.  Their site even shows some stupid signs, but we have no idea if these signs were held up at TEA party rallies.  They continuously point to the alleged spitting and racial slurs during a Health Care protest in D.C. but they, and others, have failed to provide any proof that it happened.  Sorry guys, but if you are going to call someone a racist you better be able to prove it, word of mouth isn’t good enough.

Where is the NAACP vote against the New Black Panther Party for their racist elements?  Where is the denunciation of President Obama for his “typical white person” stereotype?  Where is the NAACP in support of Mr. Gladney who was beaten by SEIU members, doesn’t that mean that SEIU has racist elements because they shouted slurs at him?  What about the founder of Black Liberation Theology and his racist remarks, or Rev. Wright and his?

Fact of the matter is the NAACP is not interested in equal justice.  They are not interested in equal rights.  They are not interested in purging racism from the country.  They are interested in special justice, special rights, and racism is only racism if directed at a minority.

Racism has many definitions.  One is the belief that one race is superior, or discriminatory to another.  As a member of one, and individual in this country, and a Disgruntled Patriot I hereby vote, unanimously, that the NAACP has racist elements.  It promotes ideas, and practices that put one race above another in terms of monetary grants, job placement, and judicial protection.  I call on the NAACP to denounce the racist elements in its organization and join with me in the cry for equal justice for all, equal rights for all, and an end to racial bias in our society and government.  I call on the NAACP to drop the term ‘colored’ from their name, because of the words connection to oppressive ideals, and change their name to the National Association for the Advancement of All People, or NAAAP (mmm a nap sounds good).


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