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December 10, 2009

How Do You Help a Struggling Job Market? Stifle it With Rules and Regulations!

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Oh yes, here come more rules and regulations from the Department of Labor.  While the country staggers under 10% unemployment, and right after the administration’s job summit (which many actual job creators were left out of) the Department of Labor announces that they will push for 90 new rules and regulations next year.  You can read about it in the Wall Street Journal, with a supplementary article by yours truly at the Examiner.

Strengthening of affirmative action on federal contracts, employer disclosure of ‘advice’ they receive from consultants dealing with union issues, and more transparency about how wages are being computed are just a few of the new rules proposed.  Those are the ones we know about anyway.  Let’s start from the top!

Affirmative action, otherwise know as reverse discrimination and disrespect to minorities.  Yes, I said it!  Affirmative action is reverse discrimination in the guise of ‘helping the minorities’.  It doesn’t do anything but ensure that the right person for the job won’t always be the one that gets it.  I don’t care what ethnicity a person is, and neither should an employer or the government.  The right person for the job, final, period, that’s it.  That’s how our workforce should be run.  It is disrespectful to minorities, it says ‘you don’t have to be good at your job, just be black and we will make sure you get that promotion.’  How does that help anyone?  It doesn’t help the business, they may get a great worker, but they could very likely get a bad one too because they have to look at race first instead of ability.  It doesn’t help minorities, we strive to succeed because of the goals set before us or those that we set for ourselves.  There is nothing to strive for if you already have a leg up by just being a minority.  It also doesn’t level the playing field, as so many bleeding heart liberals would have you believe.  Levelling the playing field is insuring that every person has an equal chance of reaching their goals, not saying that one person gets a shot at that goal first just because they belong to a minority ethnic group.

Now, employers required to disclose private discussions with consultants.  Since when does being part of one group in this country preclude you from having the same rights as another?  Why do some people think that they can drive the American Dream forward by making people loathe to pursue it?  Employers are Americans too, they may own businesses, or run large companies, they may make tons of cash, or very little, but they are still Americans.  I am getting so tired of one side vilifying another based on how much money they make.  If a business owner is not breaking any laws, it shouldn’t be anyone’s business how much they make, and it shouldn’t deprive them of any of their rights.  A business owner should be able to conduct his business as he or she sees fit as long as they aren’t breaking any laws, and they should not be required to tell anyone about private consultations on any legal issue.

Finally, the last one we know about, more transparency about how wages are computed?  Huh?  I have had a lot of jobs, and at times I didn’t understand everything that was going on, but one thing I did get was how I got paid.  You have a set wage, per hour or salary (I’ve had both), and you get paid for your time.  If you get paid ten dollars an hour, and you work forty hours, that’s four hundred dollars.  Then the government takes their obligatory share and you take home a bit less.  Why are we teaching math in school if the government has to make new regulations to clarify this simple equation?

Perhaps I am a little slow, but if it were me the last thing I would want to do with 10% unemployment is enact new rules and regulations on businesses when it comes to employees.


July 22, 2009

Affirmative Action in Health Care Bill

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I know this view makes me unpopular in many places, but I think affirmative action is one of the most insulting ideas that our government has come up with.  It does nothing to really address the problem of equal opportunity, in many cases it lowers standards, and far too many times it punishes people who are not considered a minority.  I think every job should be held by the best man or woman for the job, whatever their ethnic background.  Take the firefighters of Connecticut, all of them took a test for promotion, but the city threw it out because only white firefighters passed it.  The city was afraid to support their firefighters because they were afraid of lawsuits if no minorities were promoted, so no one was promoted.  Thankfully a higher court saw the light and supported their case against the city.

Now, where is the last place that affirmative action should be?  Where do we really want to make sure the best of the best get the job?  If you said the medical industry you are right, ding ding ding!  Well, this new health care bill has provisions for giving out grants, and at the end of each section, on which groups will get grants there is this nice little paragraph:

“Preference.- In awarding grants or contracts under this section, the Secretary shall give preference to entities that have demonstrated record of the following:  1. Training the greatest percentage, or significantly improving the percentage, of health care professionals who provide primary care.  2. Training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups or disadvantaged backgrounds.”

It goes on to list some other requirements for getting grants, but number 2 there is the kicker.  Sure we need to give grants to support training doctors, where we have a shortage, like primary care, but grants should not be based on race, or the training thereof.  We all know how this will work, training hospitals and schools will make a point of either lowering standards, or simply passing through minorities that don’t fit the bill, just to get grants.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am positive that there are a lot of minorities that are fully capable of becoming doctors, many more that are already fine doctors.  My point is what happens at a small medical school, that notices all of their qualified applicants for the upcoming term are white, and they need some more grant money from the government.  They have one black applicant that did not get good grades previously, and under their normal standards would not get into the school.  What is the dean to do?  You know what he will do, he will accept that student, on the hopes that after they get their money he will either drop out or fail.  But what if he doesn’t quite fail, what if he barely gets by and it’s time for a teaching hospital to make their choices.  Well they have a whole slew of white graduates, and this one black student that just barely made it.  Well, they need their grant money so what are they going to do?  Do you think they would pass over one, more qualified, white grad to take on the black student?  You betcha, because it’s the system our government has put in place.

Now granted, the above scenario is a little extreme, but anything in this world is possible.  Who would have thought that firefighters that pass a test for promotion would get turned down because they were all white?  Affirmative action is one of the many things that is tearing this country apart.  We need to move away from it, not adopt more programs that use it.  It teaches minorities that you don’t necessarily have to be the best at what you do, as long as you are a minority.  It teaches companies that if you follow common sense, and only hire or promote employees that deserve it, you may be penalized if one of those new hires or employees isn’t a minority.  Finally it is a prime example of reverse discrimination.  It completely debunks the idea of equal opportunity, because if you are not a minority there is nothing equal about your opportunity with a company that adheres to affirmative action.  Do minorities sometimes have it hard when it comes to getting a fair shake?  Sure, there is still racism in this country.  Are there better ways to combat it?  Of course.  The government should have realized a long time ago that you cannot force someone to change their mind, and in many cases using force will only make it harder.  Time, and education changes minds.  Every generation gets smarter, and more tolerant, and in a few more I am confident that racism in this country could completely dissappear, but not if we keep highlighting what separates us, and highlight what makes us the same.  Affirmative action is one of the things that continues to sow the seeds of discontent, and gives racists a reason to shout their ignorant ideas.  We will not get rid of racism until people stop separating themselves, and until the government stops separating us.  Will it mean more years of discrimination in the work place?  Yes, we will have that for awhile, but I firmly believe if we got rid of programs that foster resentment, change will come sooner than people think.

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