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May 18, 2010

Are China and Iran now beacons of human rights?

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I feel like I am slowly waking up to a world that is completely upside down.  Anyone else feel that way recently?  The U.N. is criticizing the Arizona immigration law, while just recently adding Iran to the council on women’s rights.  Seriously U.N.?  You equate a law that forbids racial profiling, prohibits discrimination, and is essentially a copy of federal law to human rights violations?  What about the stoning of women, the subjugation of them, or the fact that beating women in Iran is ok as long as she broke a law as asinine as being in the same room with a man who isn’t her husband?  Are these things all right with you over there at the United Nations?  Where was our ambassador on this one?  Why didn’t we fight Iran’s inclusion on this council?  Why didn’t we tell the U.N. to shut their holes, and perhaps defend our own?  I don’t care what anyone thinks about the law, America needs to stick together when one of these foreign countries starts bashing our own.

Then we get to China, where our America-hating deputy secretary of state decides it’s a good idea to bring up the Arizona law and get the opinion of one of the most oppressive regimes in the world.  Why America-hating?  Well he tried to sue the federal government on behalf of Iraqi and Afghan militants is all.  Really moron?  China’s opinion is important to you?  Perhaps you have forgotten their record of murder, slavery, oppression, forced abortions, and sanctioned crime.  Oh, I’m sure Mr. Deputy told them the truth on the law…no wait, no one in opposition to the law can seem to tell the truth about it.  They comment without reading it, making supposition based on assumption, and even if they do read it still lie about it.

You know, it sucks when these other countries throw stones at us.  I don’t understand it, we are the ones that help whenever anyone is in need.  We defend their countries with our own troops, spending billions being their national defense.  We are the first to donate, and donate the most, in times of crisis.  We defend the little guy in times of war, we defend democracies over tyranny.  And yet, they still hate.  I don’t get it, but I can handle it.  What really gets under my skin is when our own politicians go to these countries and hand them the stones.  There is nothing lower in this country, in my opinion, than those that hate their own and join those other leeches in throwing stones.  This country’s internal problems are ours, and we don’t need the opinion of some backwards, totalitarian regime, to add to the fire.  Here is some advice Mr. Deputy, and all others in government, why don’t you start defending this country.  Start backing us up to the rest of the world.  Stop apologizing.  Stop trying to make friends at the expense of your own.  If you really do hate it here that much, step down and get out.  No one is forcing you to stay.  If you like countries like China, try to move there, see how much better it is.  Oh, and maybe, just once, be truthful when you open your mouth, especially when it’s so obvious.

April 29, 2010

Opponents of AZ immigration bill lie to get their point across

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I get so tired of these politicians and talking heads lying to try to prove a point, especially when it’s so easy to uncover their lies.  We have been hearing a lot about Arizona’s new immigration law, and people have been saying a lot of things, most of which are outright lies.  They have been comparing Arizona to a police state, and the government to Nazis.  Everyone that supports it is racist (even the legal Hispanics that support it?!)  We have been told that this bill targets Mexican immigrants, or will target people who are brown, blah, blah, blah!

Well, I read the bill because I wanted to know who was right, what it said.  I have remained quiet about this thing until I had read it because I don’t like talking about something I know nothing about.  So, here we go.

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way.  Everyone who is shouting that this law is unconstitutional, racist, wrong, or whatever, why aren’t you going after the Federal Government as well?  This law is already the law of the land, on the books for the entire nation.  Why isn’t anyone protesting that?  Why aren’t federal politicians mad at themselves for having this law on their own books?

Second, opponents keep saying this will target people who are brown, or only Mexican’s or people who look Mexican.  Well, I could be blind but I saw absolutely no reference to the color brown, or the nationality, Mexican, anywhere in the bill.  Do Mexican immigrants think they have a monopoly on the illegal immigration racket?  This bill applies to ANY undocumented worker, whether from China, Russia, France, and the list goes on.  It refers to any and all illegal immigrants.

Third, opponents would have you believe that the law allows police to stop anyone they suspect is here illegally.  That is blatantly false and they know it.  The bill states:


See that first line, “For any lawful contact made by a law enforcement official…”?  That means they must have a reason to stop you.  The lawful contact must be made first, such as a traffic stop.  If this isn’t enough the bill gives clear guidelines on how to handle a situation when a cop has abused this law, allowing for civil action.

Bottom line boys and girls, the politicians who are opposed to this don’t care about immigrants, they care about votes.  Mark my words, the democrats are going to push for amnesty giving them 12 M potential voters.  You know how they will do it, everything they can to demonize republicans, pass amnesty, then say ‘hey look what we did for you’.  The protesters on the streets, the majority of them anyway, have been lied to by those politicians and talking heads.  Spread the truth, even if you don’t like this bill, at least speak the truth about it.  Don’t demonize hard-working police officers by saying they will violate someone’s civil rights on purpose.  Don’t misquote, or outright lie about the bill to stir people up.  Finally, please stop comparing this to the civil rights movement.  This isn’t about American citizens who aren’t getting the same rights as other citizens.  This is about people who are here illegally, violated our border, broke our laws, and want us to defend them.  Why don’t we, just this once, put the rights and safety of our own citizens ahead of citizens of other countries?  Why don’t we think of the families of those who have been murdered and/or kidnapped by criminals that enter our country along with the undocumented workers?

You can read the bill yourself here.

April 28, 2010

Progressives and fringe (MSM) media ignore their own double standard again

Woohooo 100th post, and my birthday yesterday!  Been a good week and month (thanks Billy Boy for all the hits two days ago).  Now on to the brain dumping.

I wrote about something similar awhile ago, so if you like here is the link.

So, if you believe the fringe media, including sites like the Huffington Post, and Media Matters, then Glenn Beck and the Tea Parties are violent, or inciting violence.  Nancy Pelosi cried at a press conference when comparing the words of the Tea Parties to those leading up to the murder of Harvey Milk.  Bill Clinton has even had the gall to suggest that the Tea Parties could lead to another Timothy McVeigh.

So, I expected them to come out harsh on one of their own when this podcaster actually used references to violence, some might say inciting it, against wall street.  This clown, David Plotz, said:

“And we shouldn’t talk to them, try to persuade them.  We should burn them down. We should go after them with pitchforks, knives, guns, clubs we find, mace – anything, because it’s appalling. You only need to read the story that ProPublica did about the hedge fund Magnetar and what they did or Michael Lewis’ ‘The Big Short’ or these stories about Goldman to realize these guys are corrupt.”

Doesn’t Plotz see the irony of his statement?  What’s more appalling, scamming people out of money, or talking about taking away someone else’s most fundamental right (life)?  Where are the tears Nancy?  Where’s the consternation Bill?  (You know it was your administration that McVeigh was mad at right?)  It’s funny, when Glenn says ‘non-violence’ on a daily basis to his audience, and never says anything about actually hurting anyone, he is deemed to be inciting violence.  When Tea Parties gather, with zero arrests so far, they are deemed violent.  When they have incitement right in front of them…nothing, nada, zilch.

This leads to another example.  Recently a very controversial law was passed in Arizona to allow police to uphold federal law that the federal government is failing to uphold.  You must have heard about it.  I am on the fence on this one.  This law could be abused, but again, it’s already federal law and they don’t abuse it.  Hell, they don’t even enforce it.  That’s not what I want to talk about though.  I want to talk about the protests.  The violent protests.  Again where’s the progressives on this one?  Where’s Pelosi’s tears?  I mean, the protesters used swastikas, shouldn’t that rate them as ‘astro-turf’ and at least elicit a tear?

You have a protest in which protesters are throwing bottles, rocks, and other unidentifiable objects at police, and the fringe media just touts it as people angry for a good reason.  Then you have a protest in which protesters are…well standing there, singing, talking, sometimes shouting, and no arrests, and the fringe media accuses them of violence.  Can you tell which one is which?  Probably not if you watch MSNBC.  The first group are protesters in Arizona, the second, Tea Parties.  Would it surprise you to know that there weren’t ANY police that I could see at the local Tea Party rally in Peoria?  Well, not if you read my post about it but work with me here.  Local news estimates that nearly 500 gathered on the riverfront, and not one cause for alarm.  There were even minorities present, and no one broke out in a racial fueled fight!  I even saw an Obama supporter, wearing an Obama tee-shirt and riding an electric bike!  He left alive, just amazing, I think I even saw him talking civilly with lots of Tea Party protesters.

Seriously people!  Wake up!  The fringe media, and it’s offshoot bloggers are lying to you.  They aren’t journalists anymore, they have no idea what their jobs really are.  They have no concept of free press, or journalistic integrity.  You even have citizen journalists lying about the Tea Parties (yeah I mean you Billy).  Not only do we need to start reforming how Washington works but we need to start demanding the media fix itself.  Call them out on their bias, no matter which news organization.  If Fox reports something unfairly call them on it, but don’t ignore all the others that clearly have their noses right in Obama’s backside!

April 22, 2010

Congressman Gutierrez joins Hare in telling the truth about Democrats

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Now we have two congressmen, both out of Illinois, willing to tell the truth about how Democrats feel when it comes to the law and the Constitution.  Remember Hare, who said he doesn’t care about the Constitution?  Well now we have Gutierrez who says that the majority shouldn’t rule, and that state’s rights don’t matter.  He seems to believe that all federal policy preempts all state laws.  Has he not read the constitution?  Federal policy only preempts state laws when those rights are granted to the federal government by the Constitution, otherwise those rights are reserved to the states.  Besides, the federal government does have a law concerning immigration, and it is a crime to be in this country illegally, but the federal government won’t enforce it.  Arizona has dealt with a massive rise in violent crime directly related to criminals from Mexico, and the state is doing what the federal government won’t do to protect their citizens.

Gutierrez is also among Democrats that suggest the federal government withhold money from Arizona.  Now while I am a believer that states shouldn’t be taking money from the fed anyway, it isn’t right to punish a state for exercising their constitutional right.  If a corrupt organization like ACORN can get its funding turned back on, and be defended by Democrats, isn’t it a little hypocritical to call for the defunding of Arizona?  Oh, that’s right, we are talking about politicians here.  They wouldn’t recognize hypocrisy if it bit them in the face.

The real kicker (and of course I can’t find video of it) is when the Fox anchor asked Gutierrez about the poll.  70% of people in Arizona favor the immigration law, and when asked if this should be taken into account he actually said (paraphrasing here) “The majority isn’t always right.”  In other words he doesn’t agree in majority rule.  He really thinks that if a law is supported by the majority and passed the proper points of legislature (it passed the state legislature with bi-partisan support) it shouldn’t be upheld.  This Democrat is either brave enough, or stupid enough to confirm what we already know.  Many politicians think they know better than us.  That is why they could force the health care bill down our throats when a majority didn’t want it.  In the words of this crook “The majority isn’t always right.”

Vote this clown out Illinois!

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