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September 8, 2009

Seriously, Do Democrats Really Believe They Are Better People?

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Ok, I was looking up information on Indiana Congressman Baron Hill, and what he said in a town hall meeting on Sept 2.  If you haven’t seen it, there are a lot of sites out there that cover it.  Basically he is an arrogant politician that has forgotten who he works for.  While I was doing this I stumbled upon a website called democraticunderground.com.  After reading a post on this site, which I will link to in a second, I realized that some democrats are just as bad as some republicans, but the problem is no one is pointing this out.  While politicians and media claim that ‘teabaggers’ and health care opponents are organized by big business, this site actually has people suggesting that health care supporters lie when they go to town hall meetings.  What the media, and supporters are failing to point out is we all want reform, what the conservatives don’t want is government control, but many of the other reform plans seem to be good ideas.  What the opponents of the current incarnation of the bill are failing to point out are things that they would like to see in the bill as well.  What both groups are failing to point out, is that we are being led around by the nose by politicians and media, and we should realise that we have more in common than not.  We need to get together on this, figure out what we want, and agree.  Once the people agree the politicians will have no choice but to follow along.

Ok, so here is the link.  Now, when I talked about supporters suggesting that town hall attendees lie, I mean this one…

“Or, pose as a physician and state that you have to spend more time arguing with insurance company accountants to get a needed procedure covered than actually treating patients. Say that you had a patient who actually died while waiting for insurance company approval.”

Now, let’s get this straight.  ‘Teagabbers’ are liars, mobs, astroturf, and nazis, but here is a democrat site, suggesting that other democrats lie at a town hall meeting and ‘pose’ as a doctor to make a question seem more important.

Here is another one that shows the problem with the debate…

“They talk about the “death panels” that will come with health reform. There really are “death panels” now…the insurance companies. They decide if they want to help you or not – more often times it’s not.”

How can we have an honest debate, when something that was obviously misunderstood keeps getting brought up by liberals.  Let’s get past the death panels, and talk about what is really an issue.  There is a lot more in this site, that just makes me sick, but the glaring fact is that instead of focusing on the fact that we all want change, they focus on how to make opponents look bad.  Isn’t it possible for us all to agree that this is something we want, we just have two different visions on how it should look?  Many of these post get just plain insulting.  Look, I have read a lot of the bill, I have researched the things that are in it.  I agree that some of it might work, and if it does it will make things better.  What I don’t agree with is that the public option is one of those.  If we can come to a compromise, that pushes reform without takeover, and install more reform like fixing malpractice problems, we would have a great reform bill.

PEOPLE, stop listening to politicians and media and start listening to each other.  We all agree on about 90% of this issue, but because we are letting party politics drive a wedge between us we can’t come together on it.  Talk to each other without insults.  Have civil discourse without throwing in stereotypes and hate.  Please, don’t let this issue die because we can’t come to a compromise.

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