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July 24, 2009

Border Security: Is Government Turning a Blind Eye to Acts of War?

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Before I really get into this I want to share a little anecdote about a conversation I had yesterday.  You see I had commented on border security on another blog, and shared some of the stories I will talk about below.  One reader on that blog disagreed with me, but at first he wasn’t disagreeing with my point on border security, he though I was being anti-immigration.  He also absolutely refused to believe the stories I paraphrased.  I tried to put links there to news articles that were relevant, but for some reason it would not post on that blog, too many links, I don’t know.  So I gave him the google phrases I used to find them, but he said no, he wouldn’t look them up, if I wanted to convince him I would have to do it myself.  As I said before I couldn’t so I posted that he could visit me here, today, and in this post I would provide all the articles he needed to see that we have a major problem with border security.  Something far more serious than illegal immigrants coming over the border.  Well, he said no, he wouldn’t visit my blog and said I should watch something other than Fox News.  As most of you know, I have said many times that I believe everyone should get their news from as many sources as possible so you can weed out the crap and figure out for yourself what the true story is, below I am going to talk about true stories with eye witnesses.  He took a look at this blog, said he read it all, in just a couple minutes, I know because I got an email every minute or so when he posted and it was maybe two minutes between the time he refused to visit and his post claiming my blog was extremely conservative.  Now, I know I have a lot of views that are considered conservative, but I also have a lot of them that are considered liberal, and sadly this guy had already figured out a label, and since it wasn’t all liberal, it was too conservative, and he was ready to blow me off, regardless of the facts I was willing to offer.  It is a sad case in this country that people only get their news from sources that cater to ideas they already share, and if a source even questions their views, by showing an argument from the other side, they dismiss the source.  It happens on both sides, conservatives unwilling to get their news from any source that might take a liberal view on something, and liberals dismissing a news source because they are a bit conservative.  Well, finally the guy did post that he looked up one of the topics and saw that it was true, but he still refused to visit here.  Well, my friend, if you do happen to read this on the off chance that you got curious, welcome.  Kick back, and read, and decide for yourself.  Check my facts, make your own opinion, and please, don’t discount any source just because they don’t share your ideological views, it’s the only way we get all the facts.

Incursions by Mexican Cartels

Every year U.S. citizens are taken from their own homes by members of Mexican drug cartels, transported back to Mexico, and held for ransom.  Now some have argued that these people are tied to the cartels.  Yes, some are, but not all, and does it make it right?  If Mexican criminals are capable of coming to this country, taking people from their homes and going back, isn’t that a problem no matter who the person kidnapped is?  Haven’t heard out this in the news?  It is talked about all over the south west, but why isn’t the government talking about it?  Why don’t we hear about how the national guard is being dispatched to the border to keep these criminals out?  If Al-Qaeda were coming here, kidnapping people, and taking them back demanding ransom people would be out of their minds, foaming at the mouth to get them.  I don’t know why our southern border isn’t as much of a concern, that is something we need to ask our representatives, and we need to start demanding answers.

Would you believe that Phoenix Arizona is now #2 in the world for kidnappings?  Well, I had no idea until I read this.  Now, some of these kidnappings are targeting Mexican Nationals, or former Cartel members, but not all of them.  The point still remains, what does it say about our security if this is even possible, and where is our government on this issue.

Here is a non-political source for my readers.  America’s Most Wanted is shining the light on the increase of cross-border kidnappings.

This case is of a 3 year old boy taken from his home, because someone else in his family owed money to the cartel.  Sure, like many say, it is retaliation on someone connected to the cartel, but does that make it right?  The family were all U.S. citizens, and the boy certainly had nothing to do with the cartels.  Thankfully he was found and returned to his family.

There are so many more, and as you will see, a vast majority of them are retaliation on people who are connected to the cartels in some way, but not all of them.  It’s hard to pin a number down, but it is estimated that between 3,000 and 6,000 American citizens are still missing and believed to either be dead or captive of Mexican criminals.  Let’s take a lower number, if, let’s say, Iran was holding 3,000 American non-combatants do you think our government would be sitting on their hands, ignoring the problem?  Just to be clear, government neglect on this issue is not restricted to one administration, or one party, this has been going on for years, and no one is doing anything.

Mexican Military Invades U.S.

Wow, that sounds absolutely crazy doesn’t it.  Fact is there have been many reports from border security, state troopers, and other U.S. officials that Mexican Military have crossed the border, and in some cases fired shots at those U.S. officials.  We even have a report that Mexican Military have assisted smugglers in escaping U.S. authority.  I know it all sounds crazy, but let’s take a look.

Here is the story about U.S. authorities trying to stop smugglers, who were assisted in escaping by men who were dressed as Mexican Military.  Granted, these men could have just been more smugglers, with no connection to the Mexican Military, but as one person so eloquently put it last night, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…  Fact is, armed Mexicans, dressed as Mexican Military personnel, and armed with Mexican Military issue gear, weapons, and vehicles assisted in the escape of drug smugglers back into Mexico.  This shows a distinct lack of security.

Another story about Mexicans, dressed as military, armed as military, with military vehicles being spotted on our side of the border.  This one has video as well.  Don’t you think that if our soldiers were found wandering around in say, Russia, armed etc, that Russia would be a little upset?  You bet they would, why isn’t our government?

Tunnels, Al-Qaeda’s Ticket In

Did all of you read about the tunnels that are being found?  Did you also read the message from an Al-Qaeda leader, who said they would use tunnels to enter the U.S. and how little anthrax it would take to kill thousands of Americans?  Anyone else think these are connected?  I sure hope so.

The list goes on and on, I could fill this page with links, but I think my point is made.  Our security at our southern border stinks, and it is a danger to us.  Anyone that has been to a large rock concert knows that the security there is better than it is on our border.  My biggest question, how is it possible that we can send a man to the moon.  We can invent the computer and the atomic bomb.  We can create the assembly line, and implement electricity (one of the most dangerous things on earth) safely into daily life, but we can’t build a 2000 mile wall that was promised to us years ago?  Maybe some of that stimulus money that is going to redo government websites ($18M) or build turtle crossings on a highway ($3.4M) could be used to build a wall instead.

What we also need to be asking is why security isn’t being tightened.  Some people want to make this an immigration issue, and sometimes our border security is connected to illegal immigration, but in this case it has to do with the safety and security of American citizens.  We all know that government, regardless of party, only concentrates on issues that benefit them.  They only want to talk about issues that will get them reelected, and they steer clear of those issues that might lose them friends.  In this case what is in it for them to ignore this?  These issues are not just related to the south west anymore either.  Reports are coming in from Atlanta, Alabama, Pittsburgh, and places around the Midwest.  This issue should be the concern of every American, and it is time we asked our representatives to do something about it.

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