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February 15, 2010

Oh Finally, Another Campaign Season!

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With mid-term elections looming I am preparing for the onslaught of campaign ads.  I am not looking forward to the mud-slinging, finger-pointing, school-yard (or any other hyphenated) games that these clowns play.  Just once I would like to hear a candidate tell me what they would like to do instead of making hollow promises about what they will do.  I would like to see them use the words “I will try,” instead of “I will”.  We all know that no one man or woman can change any law or change government so they need to stop making promises they know they might not be able to fulfill.  Every politician gets beat up for breaking promises the make on the campaign trail, you would think that they would want to avoid that.

Part of changing this falls in our laps though.  We have to stop voting based on promises.  We need to start demanding accountability.

Another thing I would like to see changed is a politician’s tendency to harp on what his opponent is doing wrong.  I want to hear their ideas and positions, not a slam on the other guy.  We need to start rejecting this form of politics.  We need to show our disgust with it, write the candidates, call their offices, if droves of people start demanding a higher level of honor in these things then we might just get a higher level of politician with some of that honor himself.


February 5, 2010

Wouldn’t it be Nice?

Just once wouldn’t it be nice if a politician didn’t make any promises when they campaigned?  How great would it be to hear “I will TRY to change these things”, or “I will do my BEST to enact this reform”?  I have gotten so tired of seeing this, and even more fed up with people that buy into it.  Doesn’t anyone realize that it takes more than one person in our government to change anything?  How many campaign promises have every been met anyway?  They all, always break them, because when they get into office they get snapped into reality.

Here is one of the big ones recently, over and over again, “You can keep your doctor”.

And the truth.  Now, he may want to actually keep that promise, but it was a promise he had no business making, because in the end he doesn’t write the bills, and he alone doesn’t make law.  Also notice he says it got ‘snuck’ in there, by who?  As far as they have said, and as far as we have seen, the entire bill, in both houses is made up by democrats.  If something got snuck in there that violated his pledge, it was by his own party.

Another great one is executive orders.  Obama said he would not use this unlawful and unconstitutional practice.

And then at the State of the Union address he flips completely over.  Skip ahead to 4:17 if you don’t want to watch Glenn Beck, or listen to his analysis of the State of the Union.

Not trying to pick on just the President here, but his example is the most noticeable, and for millions, the most disappointing.  There is more than the two examples above, and it isn’t hard to find them.  Lied about not having lobbyists working for him, lied about getting every American covered by universal HC (even if it does pass many millions will still be uninsured), lied about lowering premiums (both bills are projected to raise premiums), lied about closing Gitmo (glad on this one, they would be better off trying the prisoners there than attempting to move them, would have been quicker), lied about ending the war in 2009 (again probably a good thing, if you think we looked bad going to war, how bad would we look if we didn’t clean up our mess before we left), and on and on.  Let me be clear, every politician that I know of has done this over and over again.  I don’t pay attention to them all, but at least the ones I have seen, have a habit of breaking promises, the law, and the constitution.

One that I can think of might actually have some sense.  I think it’s Jason Chaffetz of Utah, who refuses to bring home earmarks for his district, and sleeps in his office as opposed to having an apartment in D.C.  He does not believe in wasteful spending.  Now, he may not be a good example, he is not my representative, nor even in my state so I only know what I can read.

One other thing I would like to see.  No more campaigning on what the last guy, or the other guy, did wrong.  I want a politician that refuses to play those school-yard games.  With elections coming this year I am just disgusted with the things I see on TV.  I want to hear what the candidate believes in, not what he has to say about his opponent.  I want to hear how they plan to fix things, not how the last guy broke it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if that happened just once?

January 7, 2010

The Silly Things They Say On The Campaign Trail

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So we have grown used to hearing campaign promises over the years, and we have grown used to them being broken over and over again.  Sad thing this time around is so many people who voted for the President actually believed what he said.  They thought they were voting for change from politics as usual.  They thought they were voting for a ‘fundamental transformation’ of America, but the voter’s idea of transformation seems to be completely different from the President’s idea of transformation.  We were promised so much and one by one those promises are being shot out of the water.  The saddest part is when people look around and realize they have been lied to, their representatives just laugh at their naiveté.

Candidate Obama promised, on several occasions, that legislative decisions would be open to the public, shown on C-Span even.  One great video, full of more broken promises than you can shake a stick at here.  Let us comment?  Really?  Well, I guess they did, but if your comments don’t meet their ideology then you get called names.  Allowing us to have an impact, our comments weighed before decisions made?  Really?  Is that like the majority of Americans don’t want their health care bill but they are doing it anyway?  Here is another one that says it all about this particular broken promise.

Candidate Obama promised, on several occasions, that taxes wouldn’t be raised on the middle class.  Here.  This one is great, cause he says he will increase capital gains tax (directly opposite of what he said in the first one) and not because it will help the economy but to make our tax system fair.  Watch out for that word fair, who determines fair?  What is fair?  Who in their right mind things our tax system is even close to fair?  He wants to make it more progressive than it already it, and that is not fair.  A fair tax system would be one where everyone pays the same percentage, low, middle, upper class, business, homeowner, everyone.  So he promised no new taxes on the middle class, not even capital gains, oh but capital gains, that one will go up.  Also, in the health care bill, taxes on just about everything is going up, for everyone, including the middle class.

We could go on and on like this all day, and I know what you are saying “All politicians do this”, we will get to that.  First I want to show you the arrogant response that we get when we start to question these broken promises.  She thinks it’s funny that people would even ask that, like we should know that we were lied to.

So, “All politicians do this”.  Yes they do, and they will keep doing it until we hold them accountable.  We need to start letting our politicians realize we can’t be bought like they can.  We need to start demanding that they tell us the truth, even when they are trying to get elected.  If we stop letting it slide, and start holding their feet to the fire for this then maybe things will change.  Perhaps a candidate will stop saying “I will” and start saying “I will try”.  Oh sure, I bet they have advisers that tell them the American people want a resolute candidate, someone who knows what he is going to do, and is determined to do it.  You know what I would rather have?  One with honest intentions, and the honor to tell me that he knows he can’t do everything he wants to do in office, and the integrity to admit it to everyone.

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