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June 25, 2010

Common sense conservation

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by Trever James Bierschbach (<–spellcheck doesn’t know how to spell this)

Sorry I have been away from this for a bit, been dealing with a car that went to crap on us.  I got so much going on with my new book, and a couple of projects, and yesterday had to shop for a new care, well nearly-new anyway.  Anyway, I was looking at my writing journal, getting ready for the next chapter in my book and I got an idea for this post.  By the way, as a side note, I got some great feedback on an Amazon.com forum the other day and I wanted to say thank you again.  I have had some good hits after that little bump, and it was also recommended to me that I put my name on the blog.  I don’t really know why I didn’t in the first place, whether it was a sense of some kind of vigilante journalism or what, but I am going to take that suggestion and from now on put my name on these.

So, on to the point.  I talk about common sense conservation a lot, but I have never really sat down and explained it here.  I believe in living on this planet as clean as we can, and leaving it better than we found it.  I also believe in personal freedom, and as little government intervention into the lives and business of the people in this country.  Some people think these two contradict each other.  The Green movement will tell you that companies must be forced to be more responsible, that they won’t do it on their own.  They also believe that people must be forced to live better.  Finally, the thing that makes me really sick about the Green movement is they counter every argument against them with the age old like ‘you’re just a shill for big business’.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, the green movement is one of the biggest businesses in the world.  If I am not mistaken the CEO of CCX (the company that would sell carbon credits) said that CCX would be a $10T a year business.  That’s TRILLION with a T.  Green business stands to gain the most from the continuation of green legislation like cap and trade.  If their argument is right, then those supporting cap and trade are also ‘shills for big business’.

Now, contrary to what you may have been told people and businesses do not need to be forced to be cleaner.  In many cases it’s in their best interest to do so.  Something to put this into perspective, the water, and air are cleaner here than they were in the early years of the industrial revolution.  There were rivers so polluted in some cities they actually had one catch on fire.  There are more trees in the U.S. now than there were in 1920.  The logging industry realized that if they wanted to be a sustainable business they needed to plant trees after they cut, otherwise they would eventually run out, and they would be out of business.

Recently, when shopping for a new writing journal I stumbled upon one of the greatest ‘green’ products I have ever seen (and if you know me calling a green product great is pretty rare).  Most artists and writers have heard of Moleskin books.  Some of you out there may have also heard of them, but if you haven’t they are an old company that makes journals and notebooks.  Real high quality stuff that has been made in Italy (I believe) for a long time.  Well next to the Moleskin rack in my local book store was a rack of almost identical products from a company called Ecosystem.  Now I like to give all green products a chance, we buy milk right from the farm, we have tried all kinds of goofy light bulbs (more on those later), etc, so I went over to look at these.  Low and behold I was being offered the exact same product (except for paper color, ecosystem is white, moleskin is ivory) at the exact same price.  The only difference is while Moleskin is made from some virgin materials, and in foreign countries, Ecosystem journals are made in the U.S. out of 100% recycled paper.  The whole book, not just the pages.  Not only was it the same price, but you can go to their website, enter a unique I.D. number that is in your book, register it in case it gets lost, and see exactly where each part of the book is made, and how many employees each place has.  Finally a green company that understands that to compete in the market, you actually have to compete in the market.

Now, I don’t believe buying green products, that make sense, is the only way to conserve.  My family recycles everything we can.  We have two buckets, and the ladies that come pick it up probably hate us.  What bothers me though, is our local recycler stopped taking glass because it costs too much to recycle.  Isn’t it supposed to be saving the planet?!  I don’t know if I wrote the article here, but Illinois also has a law now about recycling computer parts.  Recyclers now have to pay to get a license to recycle computer parts.  The state thought this would increase the number of people recycling because they force stores to take back parts for recycle, but all it did was put computer recyclers and used computer parts stores out of business.  Oh, and those stores that are forced to take computer parts back for recycle (most of them did before anyway) are now charging for the service.  Way to go state forced recycling!

Has anyone seen the new, noisy, SunChips bag?  Probably heard it, or seen the commercial.  Another example of a company doing the right thing without anyone forcing them to.  100% compostable bag, capable of waking the dead with one shake, and a product of the evil free market.  Who wants to put money down with me that every chip bag in the country will be like this in 5 years?  I just hope they make it quieter.

Oh yeah, goofy light bulbs.  I hate the whole concept because people try to guilt you into these things and they don’t make economic or ecological sense.  Here they offer you a product that is less bright than your previous bulb, doesn’t last as long as advertised, oh…and has poison inside, all for, wait for it…MORE MONEY!!!!  How do they expect people to get on board if they offer less for more?  Not only that, but they have to be recycled because they are toxic, they are bad for the environment.  Guess what curly light-bulb lovers, there isn’t a recycler near me that takes these, what am I supposed to do?  Even if I wanted to spend more of my money on these ridiculous things I would be ruining the environment by throwing them away when they go out earlier than advertised.

That leads me to another one, the electric car.  I swear if I hear “Who killed the electric car” one more time my head will burst.  You know what killed the electric car?  The electric car did.  Again, you are offered an inferior product for…MORE MONEY!!!  How did they expect to jump head first into the market, without actually competing in it?  The last one I saw advertised (I don’t remember the brand) still used a little bit of gasoline, leased for over 600 dollars, only went 200 miles on a charge, and you had to buy a charging station and have it installed which would have cost you about $3000.  Really people?  If you want people to live greener you can’t cater to their sensibilities about the environment.  If most of us had the choice between buying food for our family, or saving a seal, we are going to buy food.  You can’t offer less for more, and expect people to jump on board.

See, my point is, if you want to change the world to save it, you have to use common sense.  Don’t punish people for being irresponsible, encourage them to change.  Don’t offer bogus solutions like carbon credits, one of the biggest scams in our history, but honest incentive for innovation.  Especially in America, we strive when we are challenged, now when we are forced.  Do you think we would have gotten to the moon first if the government had made a law that NASA had to beat Russia?  Do you think we could have turned one of the smallest armed forces in the world into a power that could defeat Nazi Germany if the government had forced companies to build weapons, planes, boats, and tanks?  American’s like a challenge, and we love competition, and instead of squeezing us for money, they should be challenging us to achieve.

Wow, that got a little preachy at the end.  Anyway, use common sense people.  If we all strive to live a little better it will make a difference.  No new tax, or law, will do that.

December 11, 2009

Biggest Hoax in Our History Will Cost Us Billions

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Ah, global warming, or is it climate change now?  Either way the science is settled…if you only talk to the scientists that agree.  The data is clear…except where it has been disputed.  The models don’t lie…except where they have been manipulated to lie (thanks climategate hacker for exposing that).  Polar bears are threatened with extinction…except that their population has increased by 500% since the 1960s and overall seems to be holding steady.  Yes, temperatures are climbing alarmingly, but not more so than they did in 1998, yeah, hottest year on record, 1998.  Don’t worry about that pesky thing called logic!  Temperatures have gone up steadily since the inception of the industrial age, MUST BE THE HORRIBLE POLLUTANTS!…or it’s because we were in a mini ice age before that and we are returning to normal levels.

Leaders are meeting in Copenhagen today, hugging polar bears…sniff, they are dying in staggering numbers!…discussing our future.  Of course all those smaller 77 countries are demanding we toe the line and pay billions of dollars, why?  Because they will get the money!  That is what this treaty is about, and it’s right in line with our administration’s ‘redistributive change’, and ‘social justice’ policies.  The treaty that our president will inevitably sign will take money from countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. and give it to smaller, developing countries so they can build green infrastructure.  Do we really think that these small, many times corrupt, countries will use the money for the environment?  Hmm, let’s see who some of these countries are.

Angola, that is ranked 44 out of 48 for governance in Africa.  Out of all of the countries in Africa they are governed more poorly than 43 other countries!

Cuba, well, it’s Cuba, need I say more.

China, who has expressed repeatedly that they have no intention of spending money on the environment.

Congo, whose bloody past isn’t that far past.  Do we really think it will be that long before that places goes up in flames again?

India, same as China, no interest in saving the environment.

Iran, IRAN!  What do you think they will use that money on?

The list goes on and on like a rogues gallery of American hating, violent, war filled countries, and they want us to give money to them so they can ‘support the environment’.  Of course they are clamoring for us to sign this thing, we seem to be the only country that will spend money that we don’t have on something that we don’t need, or something that doesn’t make sense.

Now here is the part that will make your head explode.  The estimated impact of the new initiatives on global temperatures.  The effect, that scientists agree cap and trade, the kyoto treaty, and all the rest of the bull will have on climate change.  Less than 1 degree over the next couple of decades!  We are expected to spend our country into oblivion, raise our debt to a level that will cripple our country for generations, all based on fraudulent date, for less than 1 degree of change!  Hey wait, if we do all this, and the temperature comes down less than 1 degree, isn’t that manmade climate change?  Quick, someone tell Al Gore that they are trying to change the climate!

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