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September 15, 2009

Support of Acorn, ARE YOU CRAZY!?

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I like to look around the internet to see how people react to different issues.  I know, why would anyone want to fill their head from some of the hate, and ignorance that pervades both sides of the political spectrum that is internet politics?  Perhaps I am a masachist, I don’t know.  Sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes angry, sometimes I sit there, mouth agape, speechless because of what some people actually say.

In case you didn’t know, which I can believe since the Main Stream Media is dropping the ball big time on this one, there are now three tapes of Acorn representatives at offices in Baltimore, Washington D.C. and New York.  These recordings show independent film makers James and Hannah posing as a Pimp and Prostitute, getting help from Acorn to get a house loan, evade taxes, set up the importation of underage girls for prostitution, and a whole slew of other crimes.  There are a lot of sites out there, just google ‘acorn prostitution tapes’.  Now, to get to the point, there are a few that are supporting them.  Let me repeat that, THERE ARE A FEW PEOPLE OUT THERE SUPPORTING AN ORGANIZATION THAT HAS PEOPLE WILLING TO HELP COMMIT CRIMES, INCLUDING CHILD PROSTITUTION.

Let’s lay out their arguments, and blow them out of the water with actual common sense.

“But, Acorn said that James and Hannah tried this in five other places and failed, this is a one time thing.”

Ok, granted they only said this after the FIRST video.  Now, this response was their first attempt at damage control, but one wonders, after the third video with another to come, did James and Hannah really fail at five other offices?

“James and Hannah clearly targeted them with the story of prostitute/pimp because of their racist views of black people”

Really?  They used the same tactic against a white acorn employee in the latest video, at least I think she was white, she wasn’t black.  I would also like to point out…STOP USING THE RACE CARD AGAINST PEOPLE THAT AREN’T BRINGING UP RACE.  The only reference to race we are seeing recently is from Liberals, but we shouldn’t be surprised, many conservatives warned that this would happen.  They said that if Barack Obama got elected, anyone that spoke out against the administration would be branded a racist.

“The videos are doctored and edited”

Of course they are edited, these are independent films.  Notice though, there is no pause between question and answer.  You can clearly see Hannah is some places asking a question, and the acorn employee answer it.  ALSO, if these were false videos why are these people being fired?  Is acorn so vile that they would defend themselves against this supposed slander, but not defend the employees in it?

“Acorn is not receiving tax dollars, stop complaining about that”

Wow, so when congress says they have received tax dollars, and the senate just recently voted to end funding, they aren’t getting tax dollars?  Are you saying that the senate voted to cease funding that isn’t happening?  I do know that our government officials can be a bit inefficient, but I think this would be a bit much for them.

“The people in the video are paid actors, or in on the fabrication”

Hmm, I have to ask again, if they were paid actors or the video was fabricated or shot in a studio, then why did Acorn fire anyone?  If these were shot in a studio and the people in it were all actors there wouldn’t be anyone to fire!

September 10, 2009

Acorn Helps Prostitute Evade Taxes, Promote Child Prostitution and a Whole Slew of Other Crimes

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Wow, just…still kind of speechless.  Let me get it out of the way right now, read this, then come back.  Yeah, really.  Someone needs to go to prison, right?  Anyone that knows me knows that speechlessness is not something I am usually plagued with, but I heard about this an hour ago.  I listened to the video an hour ago, and I just sat here.  I still don’t quite know what to say about this, but I encourage all of you to call your representatives, demand that they investigate this.  Tax dollars are going to this organization, yet the left still defends them as a non-profit devoted to combating voter fraud and discrimination.  I am all for tolerance, but should we really tolerate tax evasion, child prostitution, importing illegal immigrants and claiming them as dependents?

Wake up everyone.  Stop defending this group by pointing fingers.  Yes, we know that they have been funded by the last administration as well as this one.  We know that the republicans are just as complicit as the democrats are in allowing them to flourish.  That all doesn’t matter.  This is not about who started it, or who was also involved.  We don’t turn a blind eye to corruption, criminal and amoral activity, and in this case just plain disgusting behavior, because someone else did it first.  It is time for us to stand up and take back our country.  We have been promised time and time again that if we vote for candidate A. or candidate B. they will shake things up and get rid of corruption, but we have been lied to.  Over and over again the elected candidate has ignored the corruption, and in some cases justifying this by saying ‘well, it was there during the last guy’s administration’.  It is time for US the PEOPLE of this republic to start shaking the tree, clear the swamp, and demand that those that work for us start doing their jobs.  DO NOT sit idly by and let this continue.  Don’t argue about who started it, don’t lay blame, it’s the fault of all of us, republicans, democrats, liberals, conservatives, politicians and voters.  We have all either had a hand in it, or sat idly by while it happened.  It is time for us to expose the corruption.  Demand answers, and don’t stop until we get them.

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