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August 27, 2009

Liberal Elitist Bill Maher Calls American’s Stupid

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Let me first start by saying that I used to have a little respect for Bill Maher.  He spoke his mind, regardless of popular opinion and he tended to pose intelligent questions.  I even watched, and enjoyed, his movie Religulous.  It didn’t change my views on my own faith, but he did pose intelligent questions in a respectful way.  Much more integrity than hacks like Michael Moore.  After Mr. Maher’s appearance on Conan O’Brien however I have lost all respect for him. You can read the entire transcript here, this site did it very well, and I don’t see the need to copy it.  Essentially Mr. Maher called Americans stupid, and that Obama should ram the health care bill through because we are too stupid to understand it. Let me be clear. I am neither Democrat or Republican, I believe the party system, any party system, ruins this country and stifles honest and civil debate. I am neither liberal or conservative, I am an American and I believe in the Constitution. I am religious, but I am not Christian, Muslim, or Jewish.

I have a few things to say to Mr. Maher, you think that a congress that admittedly doesn’t understand the bill, has any business passing it? If we are stupid, what are they? It’s their freaking job to read bills and vote, that is what they do, but they can’t even do that right. Some of us in this country believe that whatever your job is, from dishwasher to CEO, it’s your job, and you should do the best you can while you are there. Politicians like John Conyers however would rather make a joke of it, which in my opinion is insulting to the people who voted for him.

Also Mr. Maher, there are three branches of government, the Legislative, Executive and Judicial, and the Bill of Rights is the document that details our most basic rights as Human Beings and Americans.  We aren’t taxed all that much, I get most of mine back. I don’t know the exact number that is spent on Foreign Aid, and frankly I don’t care. I care more about the government spending my money to purchase businesses that should have failed. I understand the Earth’s relation to the Sun, and I know that Judaism is much older than Christianity. I have read the Bible front to back twice, and I know that Obama was born in Hawaii, the supreme court ruled that the birth certificate was all good. I know all of the things that you claim that Americans just don’t know, and let me tell you, I still think the health care bill, in it’s current form, is bad for us. I don’t need anyone to tell me that, I read it.

Answer me this Bill Maher. If insanity is “repeating the same act and expecting a different result” then why are we following Great Britain, Canada and France down the road to socialized medicine? These countries haven’t gotten it right, and our government, Democrat and Republican, has a long history of staggering failure. What makes us think this government can get it right. America, and her citizens have a legacy of leadership, innovation, and forward thinking, no matter how stupid you think we are. We need to harness that, and use ideas that are new. At least that way, if they don’t work we can say we tried something different, instead of banging our heads and wondering why we failed following Britain’s example.

Finally, from a non-christian (but religious), ’round-earther’, who has never even been to a civil war reenactment, you owe America an apology. Your statistics don’t show anything more than when asking 100 people you are just as likely to get 50% of people who can’t remember what it is you are asking about as you are to get 50% that do. If you think that our politicians are exempt from that statistic then you are extremely naive. Get over yourself Bill Maher, you state your opinion as if it were fact, and the only fact that I see here is you are a Liberal Elitist like Michael Moore, Al Gore, and President Obama.

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