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September 30, 2009

Arguing With Idiots: A Review

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Just finished reading Glenn Beck’s new book, and wanted to share my thoughts.  I read a few reviews on Amazon and it was funny how all the reviews from people who actually read it were positive, while all the negative reviews were just attacks on Glenn Beck.  I am a fan of his, but I do take what he says with a grain of salt.  Like many he has a point to make, so I tend to watch his show or listen to him on the radio, and when something comes up that seems way out there, I look it up.  I do some research and some reading and I find that usually he is spot on.  This book is no different.

It is typical Glenn Beck writing, full of biting sarcasm, and plenty of quotes that his critics can take out of context.  It’s what he expects so why fight it?  What it is also full of is facts, with hundreds (no joke) of cites in the back to support them.  It is a good read throughout, with plenty of his patented A.D.D. Moments to break up the text and make the read informative and entertaining.  Some of the facts were hard to swallow, especially for someone who really just started paying attention to politics in the last couple of years.  It’s almost as if an ingrained resistance to the status quo jumps up in some sections, but that’s when I stop.  Read it again.  Check the cite, and then think about it.  Usually it is easier to swallow after that.

I recommend the book to any fan, and non-fan.  I think that if people would just give it a chance they would find that Glenn isn’t as ‘radical’ as they say he is.  He offers sensible arguments that usually support nothing more than our constitution.  His book does not offer solutions, only answers to common questions that you can find on just about any website, Democratic Underground and Free Republic included.  His belief in this country, it’s constitution, and true capitalism show throughout, as does his derision for just about every politician we have had for the last 50 or so years.  If you have ever had a discussion where you knew the person you were talking to was wrong, but you didn’t know how to express it, this book is for you.  If you are someone who gets your view of the author from Media Matters or other ultra-left sites then this book is also for you, you might be surprised.

September 9, 2009

Democratic Underground Proves Itself Part of the Problem

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Yesterday I talked about a post I had read at democraticunderground.com, and another post caught my eye there.  Now let me first say that Democratic Underground is a private site, that can really do whatever it wants.  I am not begrudging them that.  The post that I saw is here.  My original post was deleted, but in essence I was commenting on the problem that is keeping Americans from having discussions about politics because of the partisan fighting, and how the media is contributing to this.  Because I happened to use the name Glenn Beck, because one of the characters in the cartoon looked like him, many posters at this site focused only on that and not on the actual issue.  Well if you go there you can see that much of it went back and forth, and it got way off topic.  Some people, very few actually, agreed that what I was talking about was a problem, but most just wanted to call names, accuse me of lying intentionally, or unintentionally, question my identity, and a slew of other hateful things, all the while accusing me of spreading hate.

That leads me to today.  Now, yesterday afternoon I ended my participation in a clearly futile discussion and bowed out.  I returned today to see if anyone had anything new to offer, but without the intention of answering to any more posts.  I learned that my original post had been deleted, and by clicking on the link I found out why.

2. Who We Are: Democratic Underground is an online community for Democrats and other progressives. Members are expected to be generally supportive of progressive ideals, and to support Democratic candidates for political office. Democratic Underground is not affiliated with the Democratic Party, and comments posted here are not representative of the Democratic Party or its candidates.”

Now like I said, they are a private site, and have every right to do whatever they want.  What I would like to point out is that this is the primary reason we have such a problem with partisan politics and political discussion that only ends in arguments.  If a group of people subject themselves only to their own beliefs it soon takes on the element of faith, much like religion.  If anyone so much as proposes an alternate idea, the whole community erupts into flames, and hate.  Yes, hate.  Democrats are not above it either.

Now, I had not yet attempted to log in, but when I did I found out that my rights to post had been revoked as well.  Why are opposing views so hated as to be banned from the eyes of one group of people?  I invited people from this site to visit here if they would like to continue the civil discussion that was started there, and that invitation is still open.  Sadly I don’t expect much traffic from there.  I feel that when we isolate ourselves from outside ideas we consign ourselves to a stagnant and ignorant existence.

I thought about answering some of the topics that were brought up here, but I don’t see the point.  The left wants to call the right racists, the right calls the left elitist pansies.  I see more references to race on leftist sites, and I see more ignorance on the right.  Fact of the matter is those don’t represent the norm, just the loudest.  I firmly believe that the majority sits firmly in the middle, right on top of the core American Values, and the only time they stand up and shout is when their leaders start to walk away from those values.  I just really wish that people could ignore parties, ignore media, ignore politicians and talk to each other.

Some of the DU users directed me to Free Republic, saying I would be more welcome there, even saying I should ‘shout some racist remarks’ to show that I am one of them.  While I find that idea repugnant, and that poster to be exactly the problem I am talking about, I did visit that site today for a minute or so.  I found it to be just as bad to the other side as DU, but with one glaring difference.  I did not find anything in their rules that restrict the posts, or membership to be from one political ideology.  So while the party of acceptance and tolerance is telling people with dissenting ideas to stay away, the party of hate and racism (sarcasm there) at least allows everyone to express their opinion.

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