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January 11, 2010

Liberals Circle the Wagons Again in a Blinding Display of Racial Doublestandard

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With the internet and Hollywood abuzz with how racist Republicans are, you might expect the latest story to bring these high-handed liberals to feed one of their own to the wolves to save their image.  Well, I guess that’s because you have a common sense, and a sense of honor that most liberals just say they have.  No one ‘talks the talk’ more than liberals, or fails to ‘walk the walk’ like they do.

The AP reported late in the week on apologies from Democratic leader Harry Reid to the President, for words spoken during the 2008 campaign.  Reid said that Obama could win because the was ‘light-skinned’ and ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one’.  Of course as soon as the AP got a hold of the book that had these quotes, Reid came out and apologized, which begs the question; would he have said anything if those quotes had gone forgotten forever?  Isn’t it the sign of a true penitent if they apologize before the offended even know there is anything to apologize for?

Of course, contrary to what they would have done of it had been a Republican that said it, the Democrats circled the wagons, throwing their support behind the Democratic leader.  Even the congressional black caucus got behind it.  The President accepted the apology, sure as expected, that’s what a president does.  He leaves the punishment up to the people whose responsibility it is to punish.  Where is the censure?  Where are the hearings?  We had to listen to a whole week of rhetoric because a congressman called the President a liar, but nothing here?  Where is Nancy Pelosi to cry about the ‘dangerous rhetoric’?  Where is ‘uber left’ activist Janeane Garofalo who said about the tea-parties:

“a bunch of teabagging rednecks,” adding “this is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up.”

Is it only racism if you don’t agree with the person who made the statement?  The last head of the RNC was forced out, by his own party under pressure from Democrats, because he hearkened back to segregation in a speech.  Don’t get me wrong, as far as I am concerned, racism is racism, no matter where it comes from.  I will be just as disgusted next week when it comes out that a Republican said something racist and the Democrats crucify him for it.  I think just about every politician is a scumbag and a liar, but when I see non-politicians like Gerofalo, taking a stand on something, and act like they are better than everyone else because they have something to stand for, it disgusts me when they show their double standard so blatantly.

December 1, 2009

Hypocrisy and Double Standards, New American Politics

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The past couple of weeks have been a dark, blighted example of the kinds of double standards that have become ‘standard’ within the American political system.  Whether it’s watching the main stream media attempt to stay on top of actual news, without alienating their liberal base, or listening to guests on NPR make points and counterpoints that run contrary to one another, it has become clear that our politicians and those who support them, are completely disingenuous and downright disreputable.

Take, for example, something as simple as golf.  According to a CBS reporter President Obama has been to the golf course 25 times between January and November.  It took George W. Bush two years and ten months to get to the links that many times.  Now, where are all the Democrats that criticized the former president’s trips to the green?  Why are the Republicans, that supported Bush, now criticizing President Obama?  It goes to show that neither party is above a childish display finger pointing for image.

Another great example was on NPR last Wednesday.  The topic was the recent decision by the Catholic Diocese of Washington D.C. to refuse to support the health care bill without a strict ban on abortion funding, and a side issue in which the Diocese would lose funding for social services if they do not comply with same sex marriage legislation in the district.  The guest spent several minutes condemning the church for not supporting the health care bill and funding for abortion with the cry, “What about the poor people, doesn’t the Catholic Church care about poor people getting abortions if they need them?”  She then went on to discuss the loss of funding, condemning the Church again, but failing to realize that her earlier argument in favor of the poor people should now be turned on the government, who would pull funding for poor people.

In the most glaring example of double standards Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton feel quite safe making racist jokes about Eastern Indians all while the left continues to point the racist finger at the right.  Biden’s joke was captured by C-Span as he spoke to an Indian American, the punchline being “You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”  Hillary Clinton’s joke about Gandhi running a gas station also promoted a racial stereotype and was insensitive to people who revere the famed activist.  Whether you are tired of political correctness or not, hypocrisy in our government officials is something that should not be tolerated.

August 14, 2009

Hypocrisy in the Media, Conservative Protestors vs. Liberal Activists

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It just makes me sick, the double standard that exists in this country, whether it be political party related, gender related, or racial.  What I want to talk about today though is the double standard that the media is perpetrating.  The news media is supposed to be fair, un-biased, and an honorable profession, yet they show their true colors when they denigrate the latest group of political protesters, just because they happen to be conservatives.  For years the media has covered Liberal activists, talking about how it is a demonstration of democracy, concerned citizens speaking their minds.  Yet, when people come out and speak negatively of a plan foisted on us by their chosen saviour, suddenly the activists are ‘crazy’, Nazis, racist, fake, plants, ‘older white malcontents’, and a whole list of other derogatory terms.  The Nazi one gets me the most, one would think it weird that Nazis would protest against a plan that smacks of fascism, put on the table by a president that reeks of socialism.  They are using these terms to undermine the fundamental right these protesters are expressing.  If Barack Obama was white, this would still happen, and the media wouldn’t have the racist card, or the Nazi card to play.  But, since he is black, suddenly anyone who disagrees with him must be racist.

Let’s break some of these down, from the perspective of a citizen that does not want this health care plan that is currently in congress.  First off, our system needs some fixes.  Just because I don’t want this particular reform doesn’t mean I want things to stay the same.  That is Myth #1, you know, since the White House wants to debunk myths and all.  We need something, but what we need is not socialist, Euro-style, health care.

Myth #2, the protesters are fake, or plants.  Just because people of like mind organize to protest, does not mean they were coerced to do it, or forced to do it.  The media points to groups organising these rallies, isn’t that what liberal activists have been doing for decades?  Were they all plants as well?  No one told me to dislike the health care plan, but I do.  No one told my wife to dislike it, or my parents, or most of my friends to dislike it.  We just do, and no one had to tell me to talk about it, I decided that all on my own.  Another part of this myth is the left claiming that the protesters are plants, that work for the insurance industry.  Well, I have never been contacted by an insurance company, have you?  Fortunately I live in a district with a congressman that has his head on the right way, and is clear on his vote.  He held some town hall meetings that were pretty tame, because everyone knew that he was doing the right thing.  If he had not, I would have been there to speak my mind, without incentive from some insurance company.

Myth #3, the protesters are racist, or Nazis.  First of all race has nothing to do with it, this plan would suck no matter the color of the president.  No one on the side of the protesters even mentions race, that is the liberal media, and the left that keeps mentioning race.  They are doing it to make the voices of the protesters seem less legitimate.  The mention of swastikas, and Nazis at the rallies, well, sure there may be white supremacists at these things, but is that a representation of all of the protesters?  No, it isn’t.  Could there be another explanation, perhaps that this plan smacks of Nazi Germany?  These ultra-socialist programs were the same kinds of things promised by Hitler to gain the love of the German people in the late 30’s and early 40’s.  As a matter of fact the only reference to a swastika I could find is one painted on a sign outside a Georgia representative’s office, as if marking him in league with fascists.  You would think that if people were carrying them at the meetings there would be pictures all over the internet.

Myth #4, the protesters are older, white malcontents.  Well, I guess they have only been watching one video.  I have seen young women, young black men, older white women and men, middle-aged black men, white men, and women, and young white men, well, pretty much members of every demographic speaking out against this health care plan.  The left is doing their best to discredit the protesters, and the fact of the matter is all they can do is lie about it.  As yesterday’s post said, I urge everyone to post to flag@whitehouse.gov and report them for their ‘fishy’ disinformation.

July 15, 2009

Why Does Opposing One View Always Mean Supporting Another?

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I see it everywhere, but especially in politics and religion, when one side or ideology is trying to make their point, or denounce another’s.  What I don’t understand is why do these people always say you are supporting one side if you oppose the other?  Is it not possible to dislike both?

President Obama said today in a speech that those of us who oppose his idea of Universal Health care should look more closely at what we are defending.  I think this is one of the most aggravating, and small-minded things he has said to date.  Isn’t it possible that many of us aren’t defending anything, but stating that we don’t like his solution?  Our current health care system needs fixing, that is not in doubt.  What is in doubt is a socialized health care system that taxes a few to give a handout to the majority.

What the senate has put through recently is a good example of what is wrong with it and why it is socialist, and very bad socialist.  They would require people to get health care.  Now some social programs have been successful, and some seem to be a good thing.  Sadly I am reliant on one right now, being out of work and having a hard time finding a job I am living on unemployment income from the government.  It is a socialist program, sure, but without it my family would be on the street.  What makes a socialist program a bad thing is when you no longer have a choice, when it is required that you participate.  Part of the program says the government will subsidize insurance for people making less than 88k a year.  That would be me and my family, but I don’t want it.  I doubt that I will have that option, I would rather the government spent that money on something more important.  It isn’t easy but my family can afford the health care we have, we work for it, we don’t need it given to us.

I know it isn’t possible for me to just call up the White House and talk directly to the President, but I would if I could.  I would tell him he misspoke on several points in that speech, but especially when he said health care workers, and Americans are on board with his plan.  Last I looked a majority of citizens polled did not like his plan, and health care workers, who would feel the brunt just like workers in other countries that have plans like this are definitely not looking at this as a good thing.  He also misspoke when he called critics of his plan, defenders of the current system.  He needs to realize that the people he works for have a mind that can handle more than two concepts at a time, the American people are a broad demographic of broad ideas, and to lump us into two groups out of hand is an insult.

Now, call your congressman, make sure they are on board.  Make sure they hear you, do what you can to make sure they find a more fiscally responsible, and constitutionally responsible plan to reform our health care.  It isn’t perfect now, but it sure is better than what they have in every other country, we don’t need to follow them, we need to lead the world to something better.

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