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July 16, 2010

Faithful America takes aim at Glenn Beck

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A fairly new organization has chosen a new target for their misinformation to promote a political agenda.  Faithful America is pretty clear about their political leanings, and their support of the progressive agenda.  That’s fine, and their members have every right to feel that way.  The problem I have with them is their continued disingenuous warnings about Glenn Beck.  Forget disingenuous.  They are intentionally lying about what Beck says, in order to get people to either stop listening, or to openly oppose the commentator.

According to their site, Beck is attacking the scripture of the Bible, churches, and Christianity in general.

“Beck linked social justice to communism and Nazism and urged people to leave their congregations, saying “I beg you, look for the words ‘social justice’ or ‘economic justice’ on your church Web site. If you find it, run as fast as you can.””

For one thing, Beck makes a pretty clear distinction between good and bad social justice.  Social justice, in which you, as an individual, or a small group of private citizens help others is good.  If your Church wants to help the poor, the homeless, or the sick, that is fine.  There is nothing to worry about there.  What Beck is saying is bad, and leads to very bad things, is when religious leaders push the belief that the government is the way to get social justice.  If your religious leaders are telling you to give all your money to the government to save people, “Run as fast as you can.”

Every time government has attempted to right the wrongs done to a group of people, it has led to some of the most horrific events in history.  Even the subtle evils of our own government’s attempts to level the playing field has created an environment where hate, intolerance, resentment, and racism fester.  People need to be wary of any religious group that supports government programs in the way that Faithful America does.  These vague, faceless organizations are too easily manipulated by government, and lead to religious people of good heart being unwittingly led astray.

If you are a member of this online community, or have signed the petition, do yourself a favor.  Don’t take what they post on their site for the truth, get your information from the source.  Listen to Beck’s words, and see if they really reflect what this site is peddling.


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