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March 24, 2010

James Cameron: Director, childish hypocrite…

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So James Cameron has fallen in step with the latest Hollywood trend of condemning Glenn Beck.  This time it isn’t on policy, or ideology, and James doesn’t even do it in a way that puts him on the moral high-road.  He took a 3 year old joke, in which Glenn said the director of Titanic must be the anti-christ, especially for that Celine Dion song (I agree by the way).  It was clearly a joke, a joke that many of us have told in one form or another.  Trust me, anyone that watches Glenn knows that he doesn’t think James Cameron is actually the anti-christ, that slot is reserved.

James, in his infinite wisdom, called Glenn a F*****ing ***hole.  Then he went on to say that he would like to meet any global warming deniers at high-noon and shoot them.  Well James, that would be me, and about 78% of the country.  Who’s the F***ing ***hole now?  You want to shoot me because I don’t buy the hype?  Your thinly veiled attempt at educating us was pretty, but it was clearly a rip off of Pocahontas (I hope Disney doesn’t take notice), and we saw right through it…in 3D.

Grow up James.  Learn to take a joke.  Come to terms with the fact that like the global cooling hoax of the 70’s the jig is up.  Common sense prevails, and science is soon to follow.  In ten more years you will be the joke, along with all your friends.

January 8, 2010

Green Movement in Chicago Costs More Money and Lives Lost

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Sad story out of Chicago, a woman was killed last year because the new ‘green’ LED traffic lights were obscured by snow and the driver that hit her did not see the light.  You see, LED lights are cost effective, low power, low heat, very bright bulbs that are the recommended ‘green’ replacement for standard bulbs.  Problem is the low heat, where the old fashioned bulbs got hot, and melted any snow and ice that built up, the LED bulbs just get covered over, and people can’t see them.  Now the city of Chicago has to spend the money, it was saving on energy, on ways to clear the lights themselves.  Isn’t that just ignorant?

I guess we can chalk this up to the growing list of how  the ‘green’ movement is causing more harm than good.

Poison filled light bulbs

Landfills full of large hybrid batteries (and poison filled light bulbs)

Added pollution from increased energy usage to charge electric cars

and so on.

When is the public going to realize that, while they rant and rave against big business, they are playing the stooges of what is becoming the biggest business in the country?  They think that all the evils in the world are profit-based decisions made by big companies and their supporters, all because they want to make a buck.  The ‘green’ movement is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and in many cases it is owned and operated by those same ‘evil’ big companies.  I believe that the ‘green’ movement is just as much about profit as any other business, and not about saving the planet.  They know, as well as many of us know, there is nothing that needs to be done.  This planet has taken care of itself for a very, very long time, and this is by far not the biggest rise in temps that history has seen.  As a matter of fact no year has been hotter than 1998, so guess what.  It has been cooling for over 10 years.

Now before you flame, I do believe in responsible conservation.  I like that we plant trees when we cut them down.  The U.S. has more trees now than we did in 1920.  I like recycling as much as possible.  I like the idea of finding cleaner alternative fuels, but all of this under economically and socially responsible means.  Who cares if we save the planet if we cause the economic collapse of the world, use all our food for fuel and cause global famine, and generally destroy our civilization?  Do they really think that our grandkids are going to thank us for saving them a world where they don’t have enough to eat, no power, no heat, no work, and no way to better their lives?

December 19, 2009

Climate Talks in Copenhage Show Again, Fraud, Hypocrisy, and Lies Are All They Have Left

According to Reuters the Copenhagen talks will generate over 40,000 tonnes of CO2 between the venue, local transportation, and flights to Denmark.  It is another example of “do as I say, not as I do” from the climate change cultists.  Oh, incidentally, the UNFCCC figures that this number is the same as what 2300 average Americans use in a year.  The laughable part is the U.S. probably wasted most of that because all the people who went over, went on several different flights, the President going last as the summit wrapped up.  Could they have had these talks over video conference?  With the conference technology that corporations use to hold meetings with offices all over the world it seems that if these cultists really believed they are saving the planet they could have all logged online and talked to each other that way.  But, then again who am I?  Apparently I believe the Earth is flat, we staged the moon landing, and the Sun revolves around the Earth.

Watching coverage of the talks this week, I was also not surprised, but disappointed to note that opponents of the U.S. getting involved were shut out of meetings.  Several republicans that went over were not allowed at some of the press conferences with their democrat neighbors, and were shut out of some “by invitation only” meetings.  I guess if people will not buy your lie, you can just keep them out of the club all together.

On a related note, where the hell are all the crying liberals, talking about violence, and condemning protesters at Copenhagen?  Does Nancy Pelosi only cry when the protesters are conservatives?  Need I remind the liberals in congress, and the liberal fringe media that no one, zero, zip, zilch, not one person was arrested, nor was one complaint filed when a few hundred thousand people turned up on 9.12 in D.C.?  Has anyone else seen the violence in Copenhagen from liberal protesters?  People throwing bricks at police and buildings, property destruction, throwing objects (think it was food, but not sure) at someone dressed as a polar bear and questioning the whole cult of climate change?

December 11, 2009

Biggest Hoax in Our History Will Cost Us Billions

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Ah, global warming, or is it climate change now?  Either way the science is settled…if you only talk to the scientists that agree.  The data is clear…except where it has been disputed.  The models don’t lie…except where they have been manipulated to lie (thanks climategate hacker for exposing that).  Polar bears are threatened with extinction…except that their population has increased by 500% since the 1960s and overall seems to be holding steady.  Yes, temperatures are climbing alarmingly, but not more so than they did in 1998, yeah, hottest year on record, 1998.  Don’t worry about that pesky thing called logic!  Temperatures have gone up steadily since the inception of the industrial age, MUST BE THE HORRIBLE POLLUTANTS!…or it’s because we were in a mini ice age before that and we are returning to normal levels.

Leaders are meeting in Copenhagen today, hugging polar bears…sniff, they are dying in staggering numbers!…discussing our future.  Of course all those smaller 77 countries are demanding we toe the line and pay billions of dollars, why?  Because they will get the money!  That is what this treaty is about, and it’s right in line with our administration’s ‘redistributive change’, and ‘social justice’ policies.  The treaty that our president will inevitably sign will take money from countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. and give it to smaller, developing countries so they can build green infrastructure.  Do we really think that these small, many times corrupt, countries will use the money for the environment?  Hmm, let’s see who some of these countries are.

Angola, that is ranked 44 out of 48 for governance in Africa.  Out of all of the countries in Africa they are governed more poorly than 43 other countries!

Cuba, well, it’s Cuba, need I say more.

China, who has expressed repeatedly that they have no intention of spending money on the environment.

Congo, whose bloody past isn’t that far past.  Do we really think it will be that long before that places goes up in flames again?

India, same as China, no interest in saving the environment.

Iran, IRAN!  What do you think they will use that money on?

The list goes on and on like a rogues gallery of American hating, violent, war filled countries, and they want us to give money to them so they can ‘support the environment’.  Of course they are clamoring for us to sign this thing, we seem to be the only country that will spend money that we don’t have on something that we don’t need, or something that doesn’t make sense.

Now here is the part that will make your head explode.  The estimated impact of the new initiatives on global temperatures.  The effect, that scientists agree cap and trade, the kyoto treaty, and all the rest of the bull will have on climate change.  Less than 1 degree over the next couple of decades!  We are expected to spend our country into oblivion, raise our debt to a level that will cripple our country for generations, all based on fraudulent date, for less than 1 degree of change!  Hey wait, if we do all this, and the temperature comes down less than 1 degree, isn’t that manmade climate change?  Quick, someone tell Al Gore that they are trying to change the climate!

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