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April 20, 2010

Waxman cancels the dog and pony show

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It seems last Wednesday Henry Waxman (D-Hollywood) realized he didn’t have a case against some of the country’s largest companies who claim that the health care bill is going to cost them a lot of money.  He sent out a memo to saying that the hearings were being canceled at the request of the companies to give them more time to re-figure their accounts.  In the memo he cites a business round table that claims the health care bill, if implemented properly, would help businesses.  Problem with that is according to sources that round table was not about the health care bill that was passed, but was working on a speculative health care reform that included many provisions that are not in the actual passed legislation.  Reading the memo it looks more like Waxman’s staff, after receiving the documents requested before the hearing in these letters, found that the companies were right.  Waxman must have seen the potential for embarrassment.

So in summary our politicians were trying to demonize business for their own agenda again.  Waxman intentionally misquoted, misread, or outright lied about a study to back up his claims.  He demanded the proof before the hearing, so that they could make a case against these companies and further the liberal, anti-business agenda.  Staffers reading the papers from these companies realized that their claims are accurate, and in a face-saving maneuver Waxman cancels the hearing.  Got it?  Good.

Hollywood, please vote this clown out of office!

(two links to read more:  Big Government and Fox Business)

April 19, 2010

The ‘Pass it just don’t read it’ strategy has backfired on Democrats

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Ok, in case you hadn’t heard the fringe media outlet New York Times ran a piece about the wonderful Health Car bill and how it may affect congressmen and their staffers.  It seems that the bill has them forced to become part of the same exchanges they foisted on us.  Sounds reasonable right?  Problem is they forget to set a date for them to be booted from their current, cushy health insurance.  See, if congress doesn’t set a date in a bill, then the bill takes effect right away.  Perhaps they should have read the bill!

Now they are scrambling to fix it, which I am of two minds about.  Their staffers who did not vote on the bill will also be affected, and that doesn’t sit will with me.  On the other hand should they be allowed to fix a passed bill every time they find something they screwed up?  Should they be able to fix stuff that screws them?  What if something in the bill, oh I don’t know, costs an American company millions of dollars a year more than they were paying before?  What if something in the bill puts a non-profit insurance company out of business and costs a community millions in grants and funding provided by said non-profit?  What if that bill has an illegal, unconstitutional mandate that violates my personal freedom to choose how I spend my money?  Oh yeah, it has all of those.  Can we go through and fix those as well?

I think the law should stand as they wrote it (oh wait, they didn’t write it, another violation of the constitution) and passed it (without reading it) and they should have to enroll in medicare/medicaid for the intervening years.  Maybe a few years in the system they love so much may give them some perspective.

April 14, 2010

State of Massachusetts versus non-profit insurance providers

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Could Massachusetts be a crystal ball into our nation’s future.  The Boston Globe has some of the story, so I will paraphrase.  Several health insurance providers in Massachusetts are going to lose money this year, they have all posted losses upwards of tens of millions of dollars.  In order to prevent losses next year they want to raise their rates, but the State said no.  Not only did it say no, but it told those that had stopped taking new customers that they would have to open their rolls again.  Of course the usual ‘greedy insurance company’ comments can be found at the Globe, echoing the anti-capitalist class warfare propaganda of the left.

What the article fails to point out, all of the insurance companies involved, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mass, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Tafts Health Plan, Fallon Community Health Plan, Health New England, and Neighborhood Health Plan are all non-profit companies.  These companies have been operating at a loss for over a year, some due to the recession, but some also due to rising health care costs.  Let’s get this straightened out right now.  Rising health care costs is not the fault of insurance companies, pay close attention to the word game.  The left keeps saying they have to keep health care costs down, and then goes on to bash insurance companies for it.  They are twisting your perspective.  Insurance companies do not control the costs of health care, hospitals, doctors, drug companies, etc. control those costs.  In fact insurance companies form contracts with health providers for how much the insurance provider will get paid, not the other way around.  Beside that is the fact that even the liberal media are starting to report that premiums will go up under the new reform, something that only a select few have been pointing out all along.

Now, to make this impact real let’s look at what these companies do for their customers and communities.  Benefits that will be lost if these companies are forced to close their doors.  Beside the fact that thousands would be left without health insurance there are also charities and grants that would suffer.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts gave away over $5M in 2007 (most recent tax statement they had posted) in grants and charitable contributions.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care’s foundations has given away over $110M in the past 25 years in grants and charitable contributions.  They also sponsor community programs for health living and youth education.  In 2007 they started a $5M project for children’s (6-12) wellness.

Tufts Health Plan has been doing charitable contributions even before they started their foundation in 2008.  In 2007 the insurance provider awarded $1.1M in grants and continues to continue their charitable practices above what the new foundation provides.  In 2008 the foundation gave away $2.5M to more than 60 local non-profit organizations dealing in health and wellness.

Fallon Community Health Plan has a Charitable Giving Almanac that is chock full of volunteer work, charitable giving, fund raising, and other community outreach.  A brief perusal of it shows hundreds of thousands of dollars donated.

Health New England, along with participating in charitable events, has a wellness van that travels their coverage area teaching wellness and preventative care.

Neighborhood Health Plan has a community benefits report that shows they have awarded or given away over $1.5M in grants and contributions.  Above and beyond this they list their involvement in community outreach, domestic violence prevention, and a slew of other community programs.

Looking at this communities in Massachusetts would lose untold millions in charity and grants, much of which other non-profit organizations rely on to survive.  Further research will show that these companies are far from ‘greedy corporations’.  They offer low, or zero copay for preventative care.  Some offer no caps for outpatient mental health care.  Most encourage their employees to get involved in their communities.  I do not think that Massachusetts will benefit if these companies have to cut back on contributions to cover operating costs.

April 3, 2010

Finally! Congressman Hare of Illinois speaks the truth we have always known.

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Finally a Congressman, Democrat Phil Hare of Illinois, speaks the truth.  You can tell in this video that he didn’t mean to say what he did, but he said it and continued to dig his hole.  The fact that he tried to defend it cements the fact that his words are the truth of his heart and soul.  How many others feel the same way but have been tight-lipped about it?  It is clear in the video that Hare doesn’t care about the constitution, doesn’t know what it says, and believes the health care bill will bring insurance to everyone (contrary to every expert, even his own part that says it won’t give everyone insurance, just about 95%).  He is a liar and a fool, a very dangerous combination.

I was stunned by the video, not because of what he said, but that he said it.  They have been so good about showing they care nothing for the constitution, but not saying it, I was amazed when one was caught.  It also amazes me that he said he read the bill three times, a feat in itself, but he doesn’t know the constitution.  His own words, when asked where it says the government has the authority to force us to purchase something, “I don’t know.”  IT’S 14 PAGES LONG YOU WORTHLESS PUKE.  When printed on 8.5×11 paper in 12 pt font the constitution and bill of rights is 14 pages.  They should read those 14 pages every day, we should make sure they have a copy of those 14 pages in their office.  An idea just came upon me.  We should send Hare, and every other congressman a copy of the constitution.  All of us, maybe if they get hundreds of copies they might get the point.  I digress though.  This puke says he read the health care bill three times.  Over 8000 pages, but he can’t read 14, or memorize the section that pertains to his office?

It’s time they go, all of the lazy, greedy, power-hungry, un-American pukes in office.  It’s time we held them to their oath!

I thought I would dig around so I found another.

Pelosi laughs off constitution.

Update:  Hare released an ‘explanation’ to try and defend himself.  He tries to say that he meant he wasn’t worried whether the bill was unconstitutional or not.  But that’s not what he said.  He said he isn’t worried about the constitution.  He also misquoted it and doesn’t know what it says according to his own words on video.  His press release also mentions the Massachusetts mandate but he again shows his stupidity.  The Mass Mandate isn’t unconstitutional because the constitution doesn’t pertain to states.  The reason we have specific restrictions on the federal government and not states is because you can move to another state if you don’t like it.  If Mass residents don’t like the slavery of an individual mandate they can move.  If the fed puts this on us, what do we do?  His explanation falls short, and works on the assumption that we are stupid.  We are watching you Hare, your days in power are over.

February 5, 2010

Wouldn’t it be Nice?

Just once wouldn’t it be nice if a politician didn’t make any promises when they campaigned?  How great would it be to hear “I will TRY to change these things”, or “I will do my BEST to enact this reform”?  I have gotten so tired of seeing this, and even more fed up with people that buy into it.  Doesn’t anyone realize that it takes more than one person in our government to change anything?  How many campaign promises have every been met anyway?  They all, always break them, because when they get into office they get snapped into reality.

Here is one of the big ones recently, over and over again, “You can keep your doctor”.

And the truth.  Now, he may want to actually keep that promise, but it was a promise he had no business making, because in the end he doesn’t write the bills, and he alone doesn’t make law.  Also notice he says it got ‘snuck’ in there, by who?  As far as they have said, and as far as we have seen, the entire bill, in both houses is made up by democrats.  If something got snuck in there that violated his pledge, it was by his own party.

Another great one is executive orders.  Obama said he would not use this unlawful and unconstitutional practice.

And then at the State of the Union address he flips completely over.  Skip ahead to 4:17 if you don’t want to watch Glenn Beck, or listen to his analysis of the State of the Union.

Not trying to pick on just the President here, but his example is the most noticeable, and for millions, the most disappointing.  There is more than the two examples above, and it isn’t hard to find them.  Lied about not having lobbyists working for him, lied about getting every American covered by universal HC (even if it does pass many millions will still be uninsured), lied about lowering premiums (both bills are projected to raise premiums), lied about closing Gitmo (glad on this one, they would be better off trying the prisoners there than attempting to move them, would have been quicker), lied about ending the war in 2009 (again probably a good thing, if you think we looked bad going to war, how bad would we look if we didn’t clean up our mess before we left), and on and on.  Let me be clear, every politician that I know of has done this over and over again.  I don’t pay attention to them all, but at least the ones I have seen, have a habit of breaking promises, the law, and the constitution.

One that I can think of might actually have some sense.  I think it’s Jason Chaffetz of Utah, who refuses to bring home earmarks for his district, and sleeps in his office as opposed to having an apartment in D.C.  He does not believe in wasteful spending.  Now, he may not be a good example, he is not my representative, nor even in my state so I only know what I can read.

One other thing I would like to see.  No more campaigning on what the last guy, or the other guy, did wrong.  I want a politician that refuses to play those school-yard games.  With elections coming this year I am just disgusted with the things I see on TV.  I want to hear what the candidate believes in, not what he has to say about his opponent.  I want to hear how they plan to fix things, not how the last guy broke it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if that happened just once?

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