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July 28, 2010

How do they sleep at night?

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Does it take a certain type of personality to be a politician?  I listen to them talk, watch what they do, and I am amazed that they can live with themselves.

You have Nancy Pelosi saying that unemployment benefits create jobs, but here fellow democrats refuse to use tarp money to pay for those benefits because…that money is for job creation.  2+2=5

The President assures the public and the Health Insurance mandate is not a tax, he did not break his promise not to raise taxes on the middle class.  Now that they have to defend its constitutionality…it’s a tax.  2+2=5

Hillary Clinton claim the rich don’t pay their fair share, but they are spending $2 M on their daughter’s wedding?  For that matter wasn’t she begging for money to pay off campaign debt?  2+2=5

Tax dodging (from both parties), wasteful spending, unwillingness to compromise, all the while telling us we have to pay more in taxes to lower the debt, be frugal at home, and they really do want compromise.  2+2=5

How do they sleep at night?


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