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April 28, 2010

Progressives and fringe (MSM) media ignore their own double standard again

Woohooo 100th post, and my birthday yesterday!  Been a good week and month (thanks Billy Boy for all the hits two days ago).  Now on to the brain dumping.

I wrote about something similar awhile ago, so if you like here is the link.

So, if you believe the fringe media, including sites like the Huffington Post, and Media Matters, then Glenn Beck and the Tea Parties are violent, or inciting violence.  Nancy Pelosi cried at a press conference when comparing the words of the Tea Parties to those leading up to the murder of Harvey Milk.  Bill Clinton has even had the gall to suggest that the Tea Parties could lead to another Timothy McVeigh.

So, I expected them to come out harsh on one of their own when this podcaster actually used references to violence, some might say inciting it, against wall street.  This clown, David Plotz, said:

“And we shouldn’t talk to them, try to persuade them.  We should burn them down. We should go after them with pitchforks, knives, guns, clubs we find, mace – anything, because it’s appalling. You only need to read the story that ProPublica did about the hedge fund Magnetar and what they did or Michael Lewis’ ‘The Big Short’ or these stories about Goldman to realize these guys are corrupt.”

Doesn’t Plotz see the irony of his statement?  What’s more appalling, scamming people out of money, or talking about taking away someone else’s most fundamental right (life)?  Where are the tears Nancy?  Where’s the consternation Bill?  (You know it was your administration that McVeigh was mad at right?)  It’s funny, when Glenn says ‘non-violence’ on a daily basis to his audience, and never says anything about actually hurting anyone, he is deemed to be inciting violence.  When Tea Parties gather, with zero arrests so far, they are deemed violent.  When they have incitement right in front of them…nothing, nada, zilch.

This leads to another example.  Recently a very controversial law was passed in Arizona to allow police to uphold federal law that the federal government is failing to uphold.  You must have heard about it.  I am on the fence on this one.  This law could be abused, but again, it’s already federal law and they don’t abuse it.  Hell, they don’t even enforce it.  That’s not what I want to talk about though.  I want to talk about the protests.  The violent protests.  Again where’s the progressives on this one?  Where’s Pelosi’s tears?  I mean, the protesters used swastikas, shouldn’t that rate them as ‘astro-turf’ and at least elicit a tear?

You have a protest in which protesters are throwing bottles, rocks, and other unidentifiable objects at police, and the fringe media just touts it as people angry for a good reason.  Then you have a protest in which protesters are…well standing there, singing, talking, sometimes shouting, and no arrests, and the fringe media accuses them of violence.  Can you tell which one is which?  Probably not if you watch MSNBC.  The first group are protesters in Arizona, the second, Tea Parties.  Would it surprise you to know that there weren’t ANY police that I could see at the local Tea Party rally in Peoria?  Well, not if you read my post about it but work with me here.  Local news estimates that nearly 500 gathered on the riverfront, and not one cause for alarm.  There were even minorities present, and no one broke out in a racial fueled fight!  I even saw an Obama supporter, wearing an Obama tee-shirt and riding an electric bike!  He left alive, just amazing, I think I even saw him talking civilly with lots of Tea Party protesters.

Seriously people!  Wake up!  The fringe media, and it’s offshoot bloggers are lying to you.  They aren’t journalists anymore, they have no idea what their jobs really are.  They have no concept of free press, or journalistic integrity.  You even have citizen journalists lying about the Tea Parties (yeah I mean you Billy).  Not only do we need to start reforming how Washington works but we need to start demanding the media fix itself.  Call them out on their bias, no matter which news organization.  If Fox reports something unfairly call them on it, but don’t ignore all the others that clearly have their noses right in Obama’s backside!


April 3, 2010

Finally! Congressman Hare of Illinois speaks the truth we have always known.

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Finally a Congressman, Democrat Phil Hare of Illinois, speaks the truth.  You can tell in this video that he didn’t mean to say what he did, but he said it and continued to dig his hole.  The fact that he tried to defend it cements the fact that his words are the truth of his heart and soul.  How many others feel the same way but have been tight-lipped about it?  It is clear in the video that Hare doesn’t care about the constitution, doesn’t know what it says, and believes the health care bill will bring insurance to everyone (contrary to every expert, even his own part that says it won’t give everyone insurance, just about 95%).  He is a liar and a fool, a very dangerous combination.

I was stunned by the video, not because of what he said, but that he said it.  They have been so good about showing they care nothing for the constitution, but not saying it, I was amazed when one was caught.  It also amazes me that he said he read the bill three times, a feat in itself, but he doesn’t know the constitution.  His own words, when asked where it says the government has the authority to force us to purchase something, “I don’t know.”  IT’S 14 PAGES LONG YOU WORTHLESS PUKE.  When printed on 8.5×11 paper in 12 pt font the constitution and bill of rights is 14 pages.  They should read those 14 pages every day, we should make sure they have a copy of those 14 pages in their office.  An idea just came upon me.  We should send Hare, and every other congressman a copy of the constitution.  All of us, maybe if they get hundreds of copies they might get the point.  I digress though.  This puke says he read the health care bill three times.  Over 8000 pages, but he can’t read 14, or memorize the section that pertains to his office?

It’s time they go, all of the lazy, greedy, power-hungry, un-American pukes in office.  It’s time we held them to their oath!

I thought I would dig around so I found another.

Pelosi laughs off constitution.

Update:  Hare released an ‘explanation’ to try and defend himself.  He tries to say that he meant he wasn’t worried whether the bill was unconstitutional or not.  But that’s not what he said.  He said he isn’t worried about the constitution.  He also misquoted it and doesn’t know what it says according to his own words on video.  His press release also mentions the Massachusetts mandate but he again shows his stupidity.  The Mass Mandate isn’t unconstitutional because the constitution doesn’t pertain to states.  The reason we have specific restrictions on the federal government and not states is because you can move to another state if you don’t like it.  If Mass residents don’t like the slavery of an individual mandate they can move.  If the fed puts this on us, what do we do?  His explanation falls short, and works on the assumption that we are stupid.  We are watching you Hare, your days in power are over.

March 3, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Attempts to Get Her Claws Into the Tea Party Movement

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Ahhhhh, how I love the smell of fear in the morning.  I am going to do something different with this post.  Normally I sit down, think of something that bothers me, or something I think more people should know, and I type my fingers off.  This time however I am going to direct my post at the subject of the article.  Why?  Because this is my blog and I can.  What I can’t really do is send it directly to her, it won’t get read, because I am not in California.  If you are a constituent of Methuselah though, please feel free to copy this letter, and send it right away to her.  You may have to make some edits.  (Almost forgot to say why I wrote this, here’s a link.)

Dear Nancy, Servant of the People, Employee of the State, Underling of the Citizens of this Great United States of America,

You had the testicular fortitude to say on ABC the other night that you have much in common with the Tea Party Movement.  Forget that you were being interviewed by a weasely, brown-nosing, liberal reporter who can’t conduct a respectable interview if she tried.  You had the gall to attempt to embrace the very giant you, and your cronies, awoke.  Do you really think it’s wise to try and feed the angry dog you woke by hitting him with a stick?  You have nothing in common with the Tea Parties.  You try and say it’s because you hate special interests like we do, but you are in fact a liar.  Oh yes, we hate special interests, we hate all of them.  You on the other hand are in bed with unions, trial lawyers, and the environmental terrorists.  You would rather throw our futures, our jobs, and our children to the wolves to keep those three happy.  We are onto you Nancy, we smell the fear.  We know that you are trying a last ditch effort to save your seat, but it won’t work.  We can’t be swayed by nice words now, we have heard your harsh words earlier.  We watch your actions.  We aren’t lazy, socialist, gimme gimme dogs, that want a free lunch from the state.  You can’t bribe us, you can’t console us, and frankly, we don’t like you, or your arrogant band of cronies.

Need I remind you:

You called us dangerous, potentially violent, reminiscent of the killings in San Francisco in the ’70’s. Remember oh Nancy, it was liberals attacking liberals in that case you were so tearfully referring to.  Also notice, we have been at this for a year now, no arrests, no violence, except as directed at us.

You called us Astro-turf, and said we were swayed by the wealthy. Don’t forget though, your initiatives will raise taxes higher than any tax cuts you propose.  Increased taxes on medical care and insurance.  Increased taxes on medicine.  Increased energy bills in cap-n-trade.  We don’t just want tax cuts, we want responsible taxes.  We want fair taxes for ALL.  Many of us don’t pay taxes, or we pay so little that your tax cuts won’t be noticeable.  Your ‘fair’ tax system has about 50% of this country not paying into anything, therefore they have no investment in the entitlement programs that are bankrupting this nation.

You are a liar, who defends tax cheats in your own party.  You have no morals, no honor, and you only care about power.  Remember Nancy, you are not more powerful than us, you work for us.  We surround you, we outnumber you, we are smart, we are paying attention, and we are angry.  You are right to be scared, but not of violence.  We want a revolution of ideas, not guns.  We will beat you down with common sense.  We will expose your lies, you cannot hide.  The internet is your enemy, and that’s why you want to take that away too.  We are coming for your seat Nancy, and if you keep talking like this your own party won’t be able to save you either.  I can imagine all the progressive heads that exploded when you did that interview.

Your boss,


December 19, 2009

Climate Talks in Copenhage Show Again, Fraud, Hypocrisy, and Lies Are All They Have Left

According to Reuters the Copenhagen talks will generate over 40,000 tonnes of CO2 between the venue, local transportation, and flights to Denmark.  It is another example of “do as I say, not as I do” from the climate change cultists.  Oh, incidentally, the UNFCCC figures that this number is the same as what 2300 average Americans use in a year.  The laughable part is the U.S. probably wasted most of that because all the people who went over, went on several different flights, the President going last as the summit wrapped up.  Could they have had these talks over video conference?  With the conference technology that corporations use to hold meetings with offices all over the world it seems that if these cultists really believed they are saving the planet they could have all logged online and talked to each other that way.  But, then again who am I?  Apparently I believe the Earth is flat, we staged the moon landing, and the Sun revolves around the Earth.

Watching coverage of the talks this week, I was also not surprised, but disappointed to note that opponents of the U.S. getting involved were shut out of meetings.  Several republicans that went over were not allowed at some of the press conferences with their democrat neighbors, and were shut out of some “by invitation only” meetings.  I guess if people will not buy your lie, you can just keep them out of the club all together.

On a related note, where the hell are all the crying liberals, talking about violence, and condemning protesters at Copenhagen?  Does Nancy Pelosi only cry when the protesters are conservatives?  Need I remind the liberals in congress, and the liberal fringe media that no one, zero, zip, zilch, not one person was arrested, nor was one complaint filed when a few hundred thousand people turned up on 9.12 in D.C.?  Has anyone else seen the violence in Copenhagen from liberal protesters?  People throwing bricks at police and buildings, property destruction, throwing objects (think it was food, but not sure) at someone dressed as a polar bear and questioning the whole cult of climate change?

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