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July 23, 2009

Czars and You: Why You Should Be Worried About Obama’s Political Advisors

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‘Czar’ is a term that has been applied to a slew of political advisers that President Obama has put in place to oversee, or advise on a wide variety of issues.  For the most part, we the people, have no say in their selection or appointment, and neither does Congress.  Many of them are friends, former colleagues, or supporters of the President, and a vast majority of them are inexperienced in the areas to which they have been appointed.  As if that isn’t enough to be concerned about, many of them have ideological views that are so alien, so foreign, that you may not even believe me when I point a few of them out.  Granted, these people cannot directly affect policy, but they have the ability to sway, to argue, and to ‘nudge’ (more on that later) the people who do.

Let’s start with the science czar, Mr. Holdren.  This man believes in forced abortion, and sterilization for population control.  He also believes in global control over economics, and direct control over American lives through an international police force.  Here are a few of his gems.  I will leave it to the author of the linked post, because he does a much better job than I have time to do.  Granted Mr. Holdren denied believing any of the things he wrote back in 1973, when he was selected for his current post.  Of course he did, wouldn’t you?  He may be completely honest, and he may truly not agree with his views from 30 years ago, but all I am saying is pay attention.  We have four years at least, to figure out what this guy really thinks.

Next we gotta look at the new regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein.  He believes that animals should have the right to sue, in legal court, anyone that might be in violation of their rights.  He advocates giving animals, livestock, and wildlife the same rights as humans, and he thinks we should ban hunting, disregarding that fact that through our short stay on this continent we have almost guaranteed that without some form of hunting the prey wildlife population would get out of hand, and foment disease, and a wide variety of other over population issues.  He also sides with people that believe that even having a pet is wrong.  Now, this is a view of a lot of animal rights people, and to a certain extent some of these views are valid.  Don’t get me wrong here, animals should not be caused unnecessary harm, but, animals are part of the food chain, and we are animals.  Cass Sunstein believes that we should be moving away from eating meat as well, and not only is that against nature, but I love meat.  We should be using the most humane method to raise, and then put down food livestock, but we should not do away with it all together.  I told you I would explain ‘nudge’, well, it is a book that Cass Sunstein co-wrote in which he explains that the majority of people are just too stupid to make responsible decisions.  This book advocates a type of parent state in which the government ‘nudges’ you to make good decisions.  They don’t force you, because then you might catch on to the fact that you are losing your freedoms, but they just kinda ‘nudge’ in what they think is the right direction.  Watch for the little things folks, that is how they do it.  They are going to ‘nudge’ you to be green, ‘nudge’ you to be healthier, ‘nudge’ you into public service (look up anything about the new bill to get rid of private student loans), and ‘nudge’ you to unionize (yep, they are trying to get fast track, Canada’s version of forced unionization).

Finally, there seems to be a pretty decent connection between Mr. Sunstein and Peter Singer.  Singer advocates many of the same animal rights, which aren’t so alarming, but the other things he does advocate will blow your mind.  He believes that a smart dog is more valuable than a mentally deficient human.  A child is not really human until the age of 2 so therefore can be aborted up to that point.  He also believes that people should have a value placed on their lives based on their age, those who are older being worth less than younger people.

Now, all of this can be interpreted many ways, and I am not saying that these views are definitely going to filter into White House policy, all I am saying is pay attention.  An informed people are very dangerous to the government, and when they realize that we are starting to pay attention they will start using their heads.  Take the Health Care Bill for example.  It is failing now, more and more Democrats are joining the side of opposition because people in their district are starting to speak up.  They are educating themselves, and in many cases have read the bill that their own representatives have not.  They work for us, and in small increments we are starting to make them realize that.

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