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April 9, 2010

We The People: The Patriot Papers March 2010 Issue

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“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

GEORGE WASHINGTON, Farewell Address, Sep. 17, 1796

Was President Washington a prophet, or just a smart man?  I would say that our greatest President did not have some other-worldly power to see the future, he just had common sense.  He saw the danger of political parties, and that is why he wanted no part of them.  He was our only true independent politician.

Now it is time for us to follow his example, and throw off the lie we have been told for generations.  Our two-party system is not a good thing.  It is not necessary for debate, or balance.  It is nothing more than a cancer, that keeps us divided and fighting amongst ourselves so that those in power may remain in power.  There is no true difference between the parties, only two different heads on the same puppet master’s hand.

It is time for us to stop voting based on our party preference.  We need to stop putting our mark by the R or the D and hoping for the best.  How many times have you been lied to by a candidate from your party?  How many times have you just voted for that party again, hoping that the next one would be better?  It is time to stop giving them the power, and votes, that justify their behavior.

In the upcoming election look at the candidates not their party affiliation.  Ask yourself first, “Does he or she uphold the spirit and letter of the Constitution?”   If that question had been asked two years ago our current president would not have been elected.  He is quoted as saying the Constitution is flawed.  That I t is a document of negative liberties, detailing what the government cannot do to you, but leaving off what government must do for you.  I disagree.  The Constitution is a document detailing the rights that the government must protect.  Sure, you can say it defines what the government cannot do to you, but that is a simplistic and self-serving definition.

If you can answer the question ‘yes’, then you must next ask yourself if the candidate would uphold your principles.  Too many people think the other way around, and not only is that selfish, but it begs for tyranny.  It is too easy for a candidate to say they uphold your principles, or the popular principles.  It is too difficult to judge when they have not followed through on that promise.  The Constitution, however, is a merciless yardstick to measure a politician.  It is not based on interpretation, and it has within it the power to hold our elected officials accountable.  You cannot go to the Supreme Court and declare that your congressman did not vote the way you wanted him to, so should be impeached.  You can however go to that court and declare that a politician has violated your Constitutional rights.  Adherence to the Constitution must be paramount in our consideration.  It is selfish, and destructive to do otherwise.  The Constitution protects us all, regardless of political party.

We must also be searching for candidates willing to sacrifice their power, for the good and stability of the nation.  Term limits need to be pushed through by unselfish politicians, those that look to the country before themselves.  If you cannot find a candidate that will promote, sponsor, and vote for term limits then we must force term limits on them.

My personal feelings are that it should be four terms for congressmen and two for senators, until such time as we return the selection of senators to the states.  Eight years for Congress and twelve for Senate would eliminate career politicians, and make them more mindful of doing the country’s business in an efficient manner.

We can all bridge the political divide in our communities.  We can throw off the labels that keep us at odds with each other.  If our politicians must label themselves, so be it, but WE THE PEOPLE can make their labels irrelevant.  They do not mean anything now anyway, so why play their game?  Band together as citizens and let them know we are on to them.  We see them.  We surround them.

What is the purpose of We The People?

We The People, The Patriot Papers, is my answer to the frustration I feel every day when I hear someone display their ignorance of where we came from, our founding principles, and our Constitution.  It is an outpouring of my frustration with the media, and how our government treats us.  It is my struggle to educate my fellow citizens as best I can, while I also educate myself.

I will gladly take questions, at the email address below, and will answer the interesting ones here in the publication.  I will attempt to respond to all emails personally.

You can get a copy of We The People sent to you, free, by emailing me with your request.  I am not connected to any company, affiliated with any political party (if you did not notice), or looking for profit.  I will not sell your contact information used to obtain your free copy.

I encourage every reader to make copies of this and hand them out, as long as those copies are complete and unchanged.  We can reclaim and refound this country, but only if we work hard together.  My only goal is to see our children live in a world free of crippling debt, destructive entitlements, and tyranny in the name of fairness.  Fairness comes from competition and understanding under equal opportunity, it is not given to us by anyone, including government.

September 2, 2009

To All U.S. Politicians

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(I wanted to share with you all a letter that I will soon be sending to as many politicians in office that I can afford to.  If you agree with this letter, I encourage you to pass it on.  If you don’t agree with it, I encourage you to discuss it here.)

To All U.S. Politicians,

I am a registered independent, not the kind that affiliates himself with the independent, green or libertarian party, but the kind that is independent from all party politics.  I am not a liberal or conservative, I am an American.  I believe that your party politics and political fighting is ruining this country.  Gone are the days when people could have civil discourse.  Now all we see is people either avoiding political discussion or having a discussion that ends in histrionics.

Shame on you republicans who have talked about defeating or undermining democrats.  You were not put in office to fight, but to serve.  Shame on you republicans who talk about defeating the President, or making democrats look bad to win the next election.  Your job is to represent your constituents, not to get reelected.  Shame on you for losing sight of who you work for.  You get into office and start to think it’s all about you, and your party.

Shame on you democrats for pushing your issues by belittling and insulting Americans who don’t agree with you.  Shame on you for refusing to compromise because you have a majority and don’t have to.  Shame on your arrogance that you believe yourselves above reproach.  Shame on you for focusing on the wild accusations of your opposition and failing to address the real and honest concerns of the people.  Shame on you for forgetting who you work for.  You look only to the political victories that will help get you reelected.  It’s not about you, it’s about us.

Shame on you Mr. President for saying that ANY American needs to sit down and shut up.  Everyone in government is responsible for the mess we are in today.  You are supposed to be an example and a leader.  You should be bringing the parties together, not dividing them further.  Shame on you Mr. President for promoting racist stereotypes by using the phrase ‘typical white person’.  You don’t know me, my family or my friends.  You have no idea how we were raised, or how we think.  You have no idea what is typical.  If a white politician had used the phrase ‘typical black person’ for anything you and your family would be rightfully offended and that person would be metaphorically crucified.

Shame on all of you for making everything about politics and not about us.  We put you in office to represent us, not push your own personal issues.  Shame on you would don’t have the courage to stand up for what is right.  Compromise is not a dirty word, and balance should be mandatory.  Stop making politics a he-said, she-said war between parties and stop demeaning the American people by dismissing our concerns.  Shame on you for your hypocrisy, when you disparage some Americans for shouting, but ignore others for throwing stones.  Shouting disagreement does not make and angry mob, nor does it violate the right to peaceful protest.  People’s voices are raised in passion, fear, and yes, sometimes anger, but they are a far cry from those that throw rocks, burn effigies, or riot and loot.

Shame on you for you lies at election time.  You tell us what we want to hear to get you into office and many times have no intention of carrying through with your promises.  You know you cannot do everything you say, so stop telling us you will.  Stop the mud-slinging in elections, and return some dignity to the American process.  We don’t want to hear how bad your opponent is, or what they did wrong, we want to hear what you will do right, and we want you to carry through when you get into office.  If you want our trust you will have to start being trustworthy.  Stop pointing fingers, stop laying blame, and for the Republic’s sake stop using the ‘well he did first’ mentality.  If someone points out a fault of yours, they are not saying they accepted it in your predecessor.  We are tired of hearing about the mess you inherited, we have been living it, we are aware of it, and you are supposed to fix it.  So many of our problems go back before the last President, or the one before him, and so on.  Democrat and Republican, and all others in government had a hand in creating our problems, and pointing fingers doesn’t fix it.

Shame on all of you that listen to special interests and lobbyists.  They are not your constituents.  They do not represent your constituents.  Washington D.C. is not an island from which you rule on high.  I challenge all of our elected representatives to turn a deaf ear to these people.  Stop basing legislation on their approval, and stop being scared of their disapproval.  In the end you do not need to please them, because if you displease us, they won’t matter.

Shame on you all.  You work for us and we demand an apology.  WE ARE THE PEOPLE and we demand an accounting.  We demand that you listen to us.  We demand that you do your jobs, and read the bills that you intend to vote on.  Don’t insult us by having a speed reader do it.  Don’t insult us by laughing and saying ‘Why should we read the bill…’.  It is your job, it is what you do.  Some of us Americans live by a code of ethics that says, whatever your job, no matter how lowly or simple, it is your job, and you must do it to the best of your ability.  You get paid more, for less work than a large portion of your constituents and yet you can’t seem to even do what we pay you for.  Performance reviews are coming up next year.  Your arrogance has built a wall for you that makes you feel untouchable, invulnerable, but that wall is made of straw and we are the wolves knocking at your door.  We are sheep no longer.  You work for us, the sovereign people of the United States of America and your bosses are angry.

Trever Bierschbach

Disgruntled Patriot

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