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May 5, 2010

Boots on the neck of BP?

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Other than the strange wording of the title, has anyone else notice that the government seems to be coming down hard on BP for no obvious reason?  Let me be clear up front, BP is one of the companies responsible for the oil spill, and they should take care of things.  Thing is, that is exactly what they are doing.  From day one BP has been on site, working with clean-up, setting up land-based clean-up sites, hiring out-of-work fisherman to help, and offering $15M in grants to local communities impacted by the spill (wow that’s a lot of hyphens!).

We have the President coming down hard in his press conference, about this being BP’s fault and will be made to pay.  We have secretary Salazar saying we will keep our boots on the neck of BP, and Robert Gibbs repeating it.  Seems like BP is trying to do the right thing without even being asked, much less forced.  Could it possibly be that the government wants us distracted from the fact that they did not follow their own policies about oil disasters?  Is it possible they don’t want us to know about them exempting BP from putting shut-off valves on pipelines in April of 2009?  Don’t know about any of this stuff?  Well, seems the government has a policy that requires them to keep firebooms on hand in case of emergency.  They didn’t have any, and when they went to get one from the manufacturer, there was only one in stock.  Note the exemptions as well.  Both the last administration, and this one, exempted BP and others from implementing required safety features.

Beside all this you have Gibbs misquoting Brown, a former F.E.M.A. director who was on Fox the other night.  Gibbs said Brown intimated that the government started the spill on purpose.  Thing is, he didn’t, not even close.  You can see both segments at Fox’s website.  It really looks like they have a house full of rank amateurs there in Washington.  Now, I was talking to a friend the other day, and I have to say that this spill and it’s timing sure is suspicious.  There hasn’t been a major failure at an off-shore drill ever, that I am aware of, and now right after the government announces more drilling we have one of the largest single oil spills in history?  I am NOT saying the government is involved, it could just as likely be some environmental terrorists from E.L.F. or Greenpeace as far as I know.  It just seems odd is all.

February 11, 2010

Robert Gibbs: Just Another Smarmy Elitist Looking Down His Nose at Us

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The Whitehouse Press Secretary is the spokesperson of the Executive branch, in other words the face and voice of the President on a day to day basis.  He or she is responsible for conveying things like schedules, comments on current events, plans the President might have about agenda issues, and answering questions from the press corps.  You would think that a person in that position would be above personally attacking someone.  Robert Gibbs isn’t that type of person though, on several occasions he has attacked dissenters and opponents of the President’s policy on a personal level.  His latest barb was aimed at Sarah Palin, when Gibbs wrote a shopping list on his hand and shared it with the press corps.  If he is the face and voice of the administration we are left to assume that the President also thinks this way, and thinks it’s funny to belittle people.

That makes me think of something else too, when are people on the left going to realize that they are the biggest hypocrites in the world?  Joy Behar and Eve Ensler the other day talking about Palin, going on and on about her policy, calling Tea Party members, ‘people whose intellect hasn’t evolved yet’, and making crude jokes about Palin’s daughter.  You know if a man made a joke like that, on national TV about the daughter of some feminist these two would want to see a hanging.  They have the gall to call us stupid, and Palin stupid, but they think that earthquakes are caused by global warming!  Joy Behar also noted that every scientist believes in global warming…really Joy?  Even the 3500 or more that have signed a document denouncing it?

It’s funny, when we go after the President over policy we are racists, and personally attacking him, but when someone on the left personally attacks Sarah Palin, it’s ok!

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