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April 26, 2010

Biden gets off free in Peoria, Palin and Schock pay freely

Ok, if you are local you will remember Bush’s visit to Peoria a couple of years ago to help raise money for Aaron Schock.  The cost to the city was brought up, the city demanded reimbursement, and Schock paid.  This sounds all well and good right?  If someone visits, and costs the city money, someone other than the taxpayer should foot the bill.  I am all for that.  Now, here is what I am not for…Jim Ardis was asked about Obama’s trip to CAT last year, and who would pay.  He said:

“the cost of public services during Obama’s visit on Thursday will not be an issue. He said the issue last July [Bush’s trip] involved a political fundraiser.”

Ok, get it?  Since Bush’s trip was a fundraiser, someone should have to pay.  Since Obama’s trip wasn’t a fundraiser it was fine for the taxpayer to foot the bill for added security and other expenses.

Now fast forward to a couple of weeks ago.  Joe Biden visits Peoria for a, wait for it…fund raising event at the center for prevention of abuse.  It cost the city an estimated $43,000 in extra costs for the visit.  Now, at this point you are probably thinking that someone is going to cover it right?  I mean, it’s a fundraiser.  Mayor Ardis said that’s the criteria right?  Well, you would be wrong, the taxpayer is expected to pick this one up.

Also a couple of weeks ago was Palin’s visit to Five Points Washington.  She spoke to a sold-out crowd of 1,100 to kick off Five Points leadership series.  Now, this wasn’t a fundraiser right?  This was a seminar, so according to Jim Ardis the city should have to cover it.  Well, if it were in Peoria I guess.  Maybe since it was in Washington and not Peoria…oh well it doesn’t matter because it was arranged with the city ahead of time, and Five Points Washington paid the city for the added security.

You see, fundraiser or not, there is one common criteria here.  If the visiting head of state is a Democrat, Peoria is all fine and good with the citizens footing tens of thousands of dollars for security.  If they are a Republican however, they better pay their own way.  Funny because Ardis is a Republican Mayor, you would think that he would be concerned about everyone paying so that his city could remain fiscally responsible.  Maybe he signed up for the wrong party.

February 11, 2010

Robert Gibbs: Just Another Smarmy Elitist Looking Down His Nose at Us

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The Whitehouse Press Secretary is the spokesperson of the Executive branch, in other words the face and voice of the President on a day to day basis.  He or she is responsible for conveying things like schedules, comments on current events, plans the President might have about agenda issues, and answering questions from the press corps.  You would think that a person in that position would be above personally attacking someone.  Robert Gibbs isn’t that type of person though, on several occasions he has attacked dissenters and opponents of the President’s policy on a personal level.  His latest barb was aimed at Sarah Palin, when Gibbs wrote a shopping list on his hand and shared it with the press corps.  If he is the face and voice of the administration we are left to assume that the President also thinks this way, and thinks it’s funny to belittle people.

That makes me think of something else too, when are people on the left going to realize that they are the biggest hypocrites in the world?  Joy Behar and Eve Ensler the other day talking about Palin, going on and on about her policy, calling Tea Party members, ‘people whose intellect hasn’t evolved yet’, and making crude jokes about Palin’s daughter.  You know if a man made a joke like that, on national TV about the daughter of some feminist these two would want to see a hanging.  They have the gall to call us stupid, and Palin stupid, but they think that earthquakes are caused by global warming!  Joy Behar also noted that every scientist believes in global warming…really Joy?  Even the 3500 or more that have signed a document denouncing it?

It’s funny, when we go after the President over policy we are racists, and personally attacking him, but when someone on the left personally attacks Sarah Palin, it’s ok!

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