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July 25, 2009

Three Little Stories that Boggle the Mind

Hole in the Ozone Layer Fixed…Oops

Seems that scientists are now finding that the chemicals used to fix the Ozone layer back in the early 90’s are contributing to imaginary global warming.  They postulate that the chemicals act like a sponge absorbing heat from the sun.  I tried to find a link to the scientific report, but this is the best I can do.  They want to put new chemicals up there to replace the other synthetic ones.  You know, maybe if they did nothing for a change, that might be a good idea.  Wanna see some examples of people freaking out, and thankfully doing nothing?

Back in the 70s fear of a coming ice age was rampant.  One solution that was tossed around…spread coal soot on the polar ice cap to melt it, causing temperatures to rise!

In Germany there is a school of thought that dumping tons of iron into the ocean could help…COULD help the plankton population increase, therefore stemming off imaginary global warming.  That idea was tossed around by our government a couple years ago, but I guess they decided that dumping a poisonous mineral into a water source might be a bad idea.

Ideas that are on the table…

Obama’s science czar is talking about releasing pollutants into the upper atmosphere to help reflect the sun’s rays, or…wait for it…NUKING THE SUPER VOLCANO IN YELLOWSTONE TO FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING!!!!  Yeah that will stop global warming, because there won’t be any humans left on this continent to pollute!

When is someone in government going to step up and speak out against this fraudulent science?  Oh wait, they know, that is why they are calling it climate change, and not global warming.  They know it people, the government knows that Al Gore is a nut, and global warming is fake.  They know it is just alarmist science, knee jerk reaction to faulty data.  Now they don’t want to look stupid by backing down so they call it climate change, “Hey look, the weather was different than it was last year, that’s climate change, see we were right!”  We need to demand that they stop trying to fix this imaginary problem before they kill us all with the solution!

GIVE act, TAKE freedom…

Trust me it will make sense in a minute.  HR 1388, or the “GIVE act” has passed, and is law.  Does anyone know what that is?  Well it increases funding for Americorp.  There is something else in there, that no one in the major media talked about, and might just have an affect on every American in the future.  It provides a commission to…

“the effect on the nation … if all individuals in the United States … were required to perform a certain amount of national service” and “whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed.”

and in relation to the possibility of getting rid of the 13th amendment…

“would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.”

Really?!  Get rid of the 13th amendment, and force people to volunteer?!  Who in their right mind would allow this to happen?  We need to pay attention folks, because we may wake up one morning with government sponsored slavery, and a socialist, dare I say communist state.  When the government starts using the words mandatory, we need to speak up because it usually goes hand in hand with losing freedoms.  Still can’t get over this one, how do they think forced community service is going to help anyone, all you will have is a bunch of bitter people who hate Americorp.  You cannot promote community service and charity by force.

Be Careful Where You Speak Out Against Obama

In Charlotte North Carolina a little kiosk was selling various political bumper stickers, posters, etc.  The company that held this kiosk is called Free Market Warrior, and looking at their site I did not see anything that was racist, or confederate.  That was the complaint, that their merchandise was racists and supported the dead confederate cause.  They are selling much the same things that Liberal Novelty shops were selling all during Bush’s presidency, in malls owned by the same people.  Simon owns that mall, along with just about every mall in America, and they were also huge supporters of Obama’s campaign.  Interesting how that happens huh?  I for one am going to let Mr. Simon know my feelings, and I think I will look for other places to spend my money.  He uses bullying tactics to support his political views and I think that is wrong.  Sure it was his right to kick out a renter, but the double standard is disgusting.

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